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Late Week June Numerology - Rockin' & Rollin' Or A Blessing in Disguise?

Red In The Morning, Sailors Take Warning....

We've all used that phrase upon awakening and discovering colored or neon skies. This morning in New Mexico, the brilliant reds encompass the Sandia Mountains as if to set them on fire! Such an appropriate backdrop to this week, both Astrologically and Numerically.
This Wednesday, Mercury, the planet of communication, will conjunct Mars, the planet of action. Words could fly fast and furious with little regard to others' feelings.
Together, they'll walk hand in hand to oppose Pluto, who takes no prisoners. Does all this have to be a negative? Not necessarily. Change can bring about positive corrections, even though the road can be bumpy. And over this week, the planetary aspects may be bumpy.
For more exact positioning and explanations, hop on over to view Steve Judd's Weekly Forecast and then watch throughout the week as he publishes new videos on the topic. (Judd, Steve, "Week Ahead Late June" YouTube, https://www.…
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7/4/5 Storytelling! The 5 loves listening to stories and the 7 loves to write them down. Both love telling them. Take some time today to read to each other, or read aloud to yourself. Make it a story that makes you smile!
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