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"I Just Want To Know That S(he) Is Ok."

I'm a Numerologist, a Tarot Reader and an Empath. I have also traveled the journey of loss through death of my immediate family members between the years of 11-14 and became a widow at 40. And I have asked all the questions everyone has asked - the biggest being, "Why me?" Over the years, I read anything and everything a person could to put it into perspective and explore what happens to us after we leave this Earth plane.

Truly, none of us will absolutely know for sure what our individual path will take until it is our turn to explore that avenue, but I do put faith in some of those who have experienced the unknown and I listen to both the spiritual and secular teachers. I also can not deny those experiences with Spirit and family that have come to me through meditation, dreams and everyday happenings that can not be explained.

There is no doubt in my mind that upon passing from this incarnation, we mentally leave this world behind (sometimes in a heartbeat), and our f…
July is quickly approaching with a solar eclipse. In the world of Numerology, July is the 7th month of the calendar. That doesn't mean, however, that it is a 7 personal month for every individual.

The number 7 is the number of the Spiritual Seeker. It's a slower vibration whereby we look within ourselves to ask the philosophical and spiritual questions. We look at our belief systems and sometimes we choose to follow a different path, or we delve into the mysteries we are truly interested in. Seven is also the loner of Numerology and at times we find ourselves a little more isolated than we choose to be. This is not a difficult or "bad" number, as we all need time to re-evaluate our lives and where we are headed.

On the creative side, this vibration is an excellent one for writers, researchers, genealogists, and detectives. Students and those returning to school find a personal 7 month helpful as it offers quite an amount of time to study.

To find out what July wi…

2011 - 2012: A Numerologist's Outlook

"Every thought in the human mind sends out an electro-magnetic wave from the base of the heart that has a measurable effect upon the world in which we live."

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner heart world. What you FEEL FROM YOUR HEART is what you will manifest in the world around you. What are you feeling?

You can think all you want, but if your thoughts are overshadowed by a fearful heart, what you FEEL is what you will manifest in the life around you.

Angel Numbers or Numerology - Consecutive Numbers

Do you consistently see consecutive numbers and wonder how to translate them?

You have a book on Angel Numbers and one on Numerology. Which one should you follow? Are they similar?

Doreen Virtue and Lynette Brown wrote a book, published in 2005, entitled "Angel Numbers" whereas the divination art of Numerology has been among us for centuries.

In the video below, I show you how Angel Numbers are broken down and how you can incorporate both with the messages you receive from your Guides. Be sure to have your paper and pen ready as I will cover how to break down Angel Numbers for translation.

What Valuable Lesson Did You Take From Him?

I was trying to think of something profound to write for Father's Day, but the words wouldn't come.

I no longer mourn his leaving as the years have been many between then and now (47). My feelings of loss pertain more to what could have been than the man himself. He was here, left his legacy and most of it lives on in me. I hear him every time I laugh.

Therefore, today I choose to talk about the important aspects I took from this short relationship:

Do what you said you were going to do (whether you've changed or mind or not)Be honorablePractice respectWork hardBe a lady, no matter whatStand up for the child who has no voiceLaughEnjoy a good story, joke, or comedyThe list says a lot about him. And on that note, I will let it rest.


Yesterday while writing and editing, I was forced to review a part of my life that I do not enjoy. In fact, it really hit home when I was working on my Dad's photo. A few years ago, a theft resulted in losing all the last of my family photos but yesterday, I discovered that I had an old CD where I had stored computer files from 2005. On that CD was my dad's last professional photo. The file wasn't in the best condition, so I had to work on it a bit. I was, however, overjoyed to discover I still had a few pictures left.

There I sat working in Macromedia's Fireworks, trying to sharpen the image in front of me. And in staring at it, I was forced to concentrate on the facial features. Within a few minutes I finally stopped, took my glasses off, and looked really close at the man on the screen. I found myself saying, "Who ARE you?!" In glancing, I know that's my Dad, but after 47 years the detail is gone. "I don't re…

Firing Up the Morning Calculator -9/*1*/6

Saturday,  June 18, 2011

9/*1*/6 – If we thought yesterday reflected the artists’ soul, today it will especially shine through! Independent works are in store for the musicians, artists and creative among us. Color abounds whether we use, sound, paint or words. Pull out all the stops and let your soul manifest its gifts! It’s also a day for the humanitarian and nurturer. Allow yourself to be the one who is taken care of, even if you do the nurturing! Spoil yourself and those around you. Share wisdom without expecting others to obey. Allow them to use your wisdom as need be and above all - be creative today!

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