“I Just Want To Know That S(he) Is Ok.”

I’m a Numerologist, a Tarot Reader and an Empath. I have also traveled the journey of loss through death of my immediate family members between the years of 11-14 and became a widow at 40. And I have asked all the questions everyone has asked – the biggest being, “Why me?” Over the years, I read anything and everything a person could to put it into perspective and explore what happens to us after we leave this Earth plane.

Truly, none of us will absolutely know for sure what our individual path will take until it is our turn to explore that avenue, but I do put faith in some of those who have experienced the unknown and I listen to both the spiritual and secular teachers. I also can not deny those experiences with Spirit and family that have come to me through meditation, dreams and everyday happenings that can not be explained.

There is no doubt in my mind that upon passing from this incarnation, we mentally leave this world behind (sometimes in a heartbeat), and our focus instantaneously returns to our divine home and the journey to come. Our pain and struggle is shed without a second thought as our lessons here are completed. That doesn’t mean we don’t go on to new lessons in Spirit form, or that we have no thought of those on the earth plane. But from my experiences and those of others who have had near-death experiences, no one is yearning during those first moments to return back to earth and we look forward to life ahead.

Visiting, however, to impart needed aid or wisdom does occur. There are also those who are allowed to be in continual contact with the person on Earth until the living requests them to leave. Not everyone here will experience these honors from their relatives and truly, I’ve come to the realization that it is a contract between them, the Divine, and the one left behind. Those plans do not appear to be thrown together at the last minute.

But the original question was, “I Just Want To Know That S(he) Is Ok.” Oh yes. They are more than ok and with them they took your love because that emotion can not die. What we have created and thrown out into the Universe will last an eternity, even after the relationship is completed.

For those who would like to read and explore on their own, may I recommend two authors that have offered a wealth of information to me over the years from their own experiences.

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