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The Spirits of Pyramid Lake, NV - (Excerpt from my book)

In January of 1989, I met the man who would be my second husband and embarked on a rocky courtship that would also provide adventures far different than anything I’d lived. Not known for his ability to stay out of trouble in his younger days, I would soon enter the world of police records and those individuals who knew a lot more about the opposite side of the law than I would ever fathom. Luckily, my squeaky clean background kept a buffer around me, but it didn’t for him. Donnie was truly a man that I couldn’t live with and couldn’t live without. Our relationship was a roller-coaster until the day he died. From him, I learned about a spiritual journey which was far darker than mine. I opted not to pursue his path because I’d had a life of negativity and wanted to rid myself of that lifestyle.

Throughout our courtship, I told him of my odd sightings on the beaches at Lake Tahoe. He would then tell me which beach I had been at. “Yes! How did you know?” There was that “everyone knows” look back at me over his coffee cup. Kiva Beach brought me the most unexplainable happenings, particularly the visitors that would vanish. In the evening when I relayed my story, Donnie would then describe them to me. When I looked astonished, he reply, “They’re always there.” He’d then shake his head and return to his coffee as if this was a typical conversation.

As I poured through more books trying to understand where this journey was headed, we eventually moved in together and took our first vacation. He wanted me to experience Pyramid Lake, Nevada due to my increased acceptance of intuitive feelings. It would become known as the “Vacation from Hell.” I believed that reading books was all it took to take on the world of energy and vibration. Little did I know that I had to know and understand how to detour vibration away from myself. So on a beautiful fall day, we descended upon the desolation of Pyramid Lake for three days without me having read about the history of this land.

In May-June of 1860, Pyramid Lake was the scene of a massacre of Native Americans. And the energy of these events lingers there still. For three incredibly long days and nights, I experienced misery that I could not shake. I almost drove Donnie and myself mad. During the night, I would awake yelling that they were coming for us and while awake could actually hear the sounds of men ripping through the camper. I could hear chains, wagon wheels, and horses outside as they attempted to tear the door off its hinges. While I panicked and yelled, Donnie kept yelling at me, “I can’t hear anything! I can’t hear anything! What’s wrong with you?” That was the wrong thing to say as I shot back, “ARE YOU DEAF?! Can’t you hear this?!” I thought I was on vacation with an absolute idiot. A few times I went for the pistol tucked away under the mattress until he decided someone was going to get hurt with my nightly terrors and hid it from me. By the third day, he decided we needed to leave.

Following the trail down the Nevada side of the mountains, the terrors followed us wherever we camped but then again, I didn’t know that the entire valley had a similar history. It finally dissipated when we got to Bodie, California. That evening we pulled into the driveway back in Tahoe and Donnie swore he would never take me on a psychic historical vacation again. I was never so happy to be home in my life and almost 20 years later, I can still feel the horror of that week. Donnie, however, never lived long enough to find the humor in that adventure but I’m able to laugh about it today.