Transformation & Healing Strategy Session

Transform your personal & business life! This is a 6 month session that begins with a 1 hour full in-depth reading centered on your numerical blueprint and goals. Utilizing the various divination arts and your numerical charts, we follow the in-depth reading with five 1 hour monthly appointments. On a monthly basis:

you’ll receive your unique divination/numerical chart for that month,

learn essential strategies for selling your business service and/or product,

receive personalized PowerPoint presentations, and/or audio/video recordings to help you strategize moving forward!

discover that you have a true purpose in life and that people, family and friends are awaiting your services, wisdom, and/or gifts!

Ideal for individuals who wish transformation for their personal and/or business life, and also for those experiencing the grieving process.
$325.00 for 6 month session

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