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Discover the 5 Greatest Passions In Your Life!

When you discover it, doors open in ways you couldn't have predicted! 1 hour strategy session where you will leave having clarified the 5 Greatest Passions in your life. And the best part is that YOU will choose. Practiced by thousands of famous and successful business people and entrepreneurs, the results can be Powerful! What are yours? Let's start mapping everything you'd like to have in your life in this 1 hour session!

"OMG! You were right - I can't believe that's what I chose. But what an Aha! moment. Thank you - I'd do it again! - Brooke Halliday"

Advanced Numerology Classes on 1 Woman's Wisdom!

Have you already taken Beginning Numerology or learned the basics on your own? Now you want to take it a step further so that you can begin to read for profit! This is a series of 6 one-hour live classes conducted online by webcam.

Learn to weave advanced compatibility charts with those around you,

Understand how to integrate the power of numbers to accomplish your goals daily, monthly & yearly,

Read for clients that capture their attention and bring them back!

Learn one on one and with others in a small class setting.


August 29th, 2pm ET/7pm UK time

RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY by contacting me at or
by clicking on the Add To Cart button above! Payment can be made securely through PayPal or using your personal credit card.

Creating Your Passions Strategy Sessions at 1 Woman's Wisdom!

Click Here to hear a brief introduction from Cheryl

Have you ever noticed how some people appear to be successful, happy and living their life purpose; yet others seem to be stuck in a rut, unhappy, unfulfilled and in a job they don't like?

It's like having your own personal adviser for the next 6 months! This 6 month session begins with a 1 hour full-indepth reading centered on your numerical blueprint and goals. Utilizing the various divination arts and your numerical charts, we follow the in-depth reading with five 1 hour monthly appointments. On a monthly basis:

you'll meet with me online to discuss your unique divination/numerical daily chart for that month (sent to you before the meeting),

know which days are your strongest for relationships, business, entertainment, etc.

learn essential strategies for selling your business service and/or product,

receive personalized PowerPoint presentations, and/or audio/video recordings to help you strategize moving forward!