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Today is a 7/7/11 - The Morning Numerology Calculator

In the world of Numerology, today is a 7 day, with a 7 attitude and an 11 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

The repeating 7s tell us that it's a day of spirituality - whether you want it to be or not. Those working in the fields of spirituality will find it a productive day due to the fact that tasks, errands and work will have a natural feel to it. This is not particularly the "Party Friday" atmosphere as many will feel the need to be more isolated and secluded. So don't take it personally if others find something else to do this evening. Combined with the Life Path number of 11, this is an excellent day to delve into the divination arts or read/learn something new in the areas of spirituality, philosophy, and self-help. Tap into the 11 vibration and do offer those tid-bits of information that will help uplift and encourage others. What could be better today than to Pay It Forward as a form of positive motivation!

A Child born on September 16, 2011 will be steeped in discovering the meaning to Life, even if it's just their life. This is a child with a heightened sense of intuition and spirituality. It will not be a matter if they choose spirituality in their life, it will be a necessity. A Master Number of 11, they will be required to learn the additional lessons the Universe chose to place upon them as they will spend the second half of their lives sharing their wisdom to enlighten others.This is also a child who will not necessarily wish to spend a lot of social time with others as they have two 7s in their blueprint. The noise of the social scene will not be something that is pleasing to them. They have an incredibly sensitive heart, yet their ability to spend so much time in seclusion will be mistaken as aloofness.

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