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Today is an 8/8/3 - The Morning Numerology Calculator

I know it's Saturday, but the numbers are just right for networking your career and business! The 3 Life Path number says it's time to communicate. It's about advertising, communication, and networking with others. No one made it to the top alone, so look around to find out who you can partner up with (and that doesn't mean a romantic partner; these are work buddies). Did you start your MasterMind Group earlier this month? Don't give up and choose wisely. You want to be involved with others that also wish to move forward. Get out in the media (radio, writing, etc.); send your media kit to programs you'd like to be interviewed on. Remember, it's a day to communicate the passion of your soul! Keep it playful this evening - get out a good comedy to lighten up the night.

A Child Born on September 17, 2011 is one whereby career, business and finance will be near the top of the list. And with that 3 Life Path, they will combine the ability to communicate with career. Communication could come in the form of the artist (musician, actor, speaker, tv personality, writer, etc) or it may be in the field of advertising, sales, or photojournalism. Whatever they choose, this is not a child that will want to be held down with boredom! Like the 5, they don't like stamping a 9-5 clock and variety is the spice of life. These are children that like to laugh, play and watch comedies. Keep their world light-hearted because when the 8s kick in, they may forget about that inner child now and again.

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