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Numerology and Occupy Wall Street Movement - October 6

Last month, Occupy Wall Street began in New York City. This was particularly important because September is a 9 month for the planet. The key phrase is "what's working or not working for me and mine" and if it's not beneficial to us, we want to eliminate it. October is a 1 month for the planet which says, "I'm in charge, independent, a leader and I'm going after what I want." Expect that this attitude will prevail through October and the intensity and increase of the movement will continue.

On October 6th, 2011, a number of worldwide Occupy movements will stand up and resound in one voice. So what are the numerology numbers for the day? It's a 6 day, a 7 attitude and a Life Path Master Number of 11. What does this mean for the participants and everyone else in the country? The 6 vibration speaks of family, whether we are biologically related or not. It's a day of magnetism and we will attract what we believe in so everyone should watch their words. Choose your phrases wisely. It's also a number of community and the idealist - it is their solidarity that bind them together to express their beliefs and demands.

The attitude of the day is a 7, but that is only a facade it wears. The 7 is the number of the spiritual seeker, and mystery. No one absolutely knows what will happen next. But the 11 Life Path number of the day is the one that holds my interest. It is a day of uplifting and motivating others - a number of enlightenment and wanting something better for those who come into your presence. Does that mean that it's going to be easy and a clear path for the demonstrators? Not necessarily because the 11 is also about mastering one's life. We take the lessons with the rewards and we don't get it by wishing and hoping. But what we can agree upon is that they chose a day that radiates community, enlightenment, solidarity, and motivation. It should be a very interesting time.

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