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Today is an 11/4/8 - What does it hold for you?

In the world of Numerology, today is an 11 day, with a 4 attitude and an 8 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

This is day where the numbers of business surround us. There are those that believe that it will drop in our laps, but there is no easy road for the 8 and 4, who work for everything they get. However, it's usually still there at the end of the day so that they receive the benefits from investments. Today, promote your business, think sales and trust your gut feelings as intuition will abound. The 11 master  number also tells us that it is time to enlighten, motivate and uplift others with our words and intentions. What wisdom do we have to impart upon others? Who can motivate with our blessings and intentions? It's also a day of mastering our own lives. What is it that you wish to change? Focus on the end result of what you wish to accomplish and allow the Universe to create the journey for you!

A Child Born on November 11, 2011 will be hard-pressed to leave the office and come home as an adult. With all three numbers of business, the ability to excel as a CEO, upper management or business owner is almost guaranteed (we all have free will). This is a child with a tender heart, but most people will not find it hidden behind the love of finance, profit and loss statements, business plans and inventory reports. If business/finance is not your cup of tea, don't deny this child education in this field. This is what they were born to do. As an adult, if they do not pursue a major career, you will discover a very unhappy individual, living on the negative side of their vibrations. Top all this off with a heightened sense of intuition (11) and we have a combination for success. With the 8 Life Path, they will see all possibilities of finance from the top to the bottom and back up again. However, they will always land on their feet. Relationships could be a challenge unless they discover a partner with similar numbers. At that point, they could be dynamite together in the world of finance.

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