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Today is a 22/6/1 - What does it hold for you?

In the world of Numerology, today is a 22 day, with a 6 attitude and a 1 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

Two strong numbers come together to vie for the upper hand. How you harness this vibration is up to you to use for positive in your life. Each number has fantastic views and ideas but each believes that theirs is the best way to proceed. Ultimately, the 22 Master Number Teacher breaks down to a 4, another number that realizes their potential in accomplishing their goals and dreams. But the 22 also speaks of selflessness and therefore, honing lessons ensue. Selflessness DOES NOT, however, mean free. No business was operated from a free basis unless someone was being supported by another hard-working individual in the background. But there are always things we can provide for others: a blessing, sweeping off someone's porch who physically can't do it, gathering the mail for a shut-in, imparting our wisdom as we see it or a gift to charity. Teach a child something of value today: how to plant a garden in the house, how to sew, how to cook, how to clean or organize a cabinet, how to write a check (fictitious, of course), how to open a bank account, how to write a professional letter or resume, how to dress for success, etc. The 1 is independent, many times stands alone and can make decisions on their own. It has motivation and determination but doesn't always include others in their decisions. If you are involved in a relationship or having family members living with you, it will become important that you consider their feelings and emotions when making decisions. Take time to relax this evening with a good book or documentary on TV. It's ok to "go home" and enjoy your family time.

A Child Born on November 22, 2011 will have an abundance of motivation, determination, drive and commitment. They will never stop their ability to learn throughout their lifetime and they'll know a little about everything. This isn't a child who will need your permission or advice to attain their goals, and as they grow, they will rely on you less and less. If you need a child who is dependent, this child is not it but it doesn't mean they don't need love. They just show it in a different way. It is also a child who can not be controlled though they may give the illusion that they are more a follower (6) than a leader. Guide them in the way they should go but one day, you'll have to sever the ties or they will sever them for you. The master number of 22 tells me that they have a mission in life and it isn't wrapped around you. Their intuitive powers will be strong and this is a child that can go far in the business they love. Allow them to read as much as possible and encourage their education. As a business person or owner, they will excel and don't be surprised if they one day own the business. Their ideas are as wide as the skies and they are very innovative!

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