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Today is a 5/7/11* - What does it mean for you?

In the world of Numerology, today is a 5 day, with a 7 attitude and an 11 Master Number Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

Though the day is steeped with intuition and spirituality, it is also one that wishes to be on the move! Whether you're wishing a change in location, home, job or within yourself, you're going to be feeling it a bit more than usual. Take some time to listen to your guides or angels to discover the message they have for you as to the next step you need to take. The number 5 also takes chances and risks and you may be asked to trust in the Universe and take a leap of faith. No matter your decision, your guides will back you 100% of the way - it's their job! A little movement in the way of travel and adventure is also on the list today, so get out and move about. The 11 master number will have all of us honing our skills, gifts and lives so go with the flow if it's the latter. Take time to motivate or enlighten someones world with a kind word or blessing. Spread smiles  - they're free and welcoming!

A Child Born on November 14, 2011 has the master number of 11 first and foremost in their numerical blueprint. This is a child that will have a few more lessons in life to learn because ultimately their mission is to touch other peoples' lives with motivation, enlightenment and an uplifting spirit. Career will find them here, there, and everywhere because the 11 does not focus on the job; they focus on the people around them. However, born on a 5 day, this is a child that's not going to be happy sitting in one spot! Oh no....they will not enjoy being bored and so don't be surprised if they seek a position in life whereby travel and movement between offices or places is part of it. Relationships will not always be the easiest as the 11 wishes to be close to others while the 5 seeks their freedom and the 7 seeks solitude. It would be to their advantage to be with another who also values independence.

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