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Today is a 1/3/7 - What Does It Hold For You?

In the world of Numerology, today is a 1 day, with a 3 attitude and a 7 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

When the 1 and 7 come together, we have a very independent day and not conducive of close relationships. It's time spent looking at our goals, achievements, and within ourselves. So don't be surprised if your family unit is a bit more isolated and silent. Today holds five 1s in the date and we tend to look upon ourselves and where we are headed. The other message of the 1 is to FOCUS and not on the negative, but the positive. Where do you wish to go? What do you wish to achieve? Hold it fast in your mind without entertaining the "But I can'ts...." There is no place in your thinking for that today. Do you wish to achieve a particular goal but don't have all the information you need to produce it? Spend a little time researching and studying new skills and avenues surrounding this plan. You don't have to have all your answers today. Just focus on the goal and enjoy the journey of discovering new aspects about it that you may not have known before. The 7 loves to learn - what topic would you like to know more about today?

A Child Born on November 19, 2011 will be an independent, self-motivating child who will excel in the areas of analysis and problem-solving. These children most often become entrepreneurs or engage in careers involving research, detective work or observation (i.e. psychology, forensics). They are able to spend long periods of time alone and in silence and don't necessarily engage in a lot of social activity. Seven is the number of the spiritual seeker and they will spend periods of their lives asking themselves "Why am I here? Where am I going? What's that special mission I am to achieve?" You can save them a great amount of time by letting them know that the 7 Life Path is here to "have faith." Can they get through this lifetime and the lessons it provides and still have faith in the Divine and themselves? A child born this day will study many avenues in the area of the philosophy and spirituality and it's not unusual that they will try several on before settling into one that works for them.

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