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Today is a 5/7/11 - What Does It Hold For You?

In the world of Numerology, today is a 5 day, with a 7 attitude and an 11 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

Opposites comes together in this combination and it's not the easiest of vibrations to meld together. It's a tug-a-pull situation as freedom to be one's own person meets the vibrations of togetherness and more dependence. Which way shall I follow? However, enlightenment, motivation and upliftment of others is the theme of the 11 while 5 shows compassion to all. It's a day of considering your fellow man and what wisdom from the past can you offer. Remember, there are those that don't want to hear it, so do not offer any until they ask. In the world of business, it can be one that attracts customers and people who just want to have a good conversation, but don't expect much in the way of sales. The conversations you hold today, though, may bring them back at a later time with cash in hand - so keep that in mind. While you're giving to your fellow man today, remember yourself and show the same gift of compassion. Intuition is heightened today so trust your gut feelings or messages you believe you're receiving from Spirit.

A Child Born on November 5, 2011 will have the same challenge as above when it comes to relationships. Closeness battles freedom. And this will be compounded with the silence of the 7 attitude number. So, if you find this child chatty one day and silent the next, it's not always because they're not feeling well - they're reacting to two very opposite vibrations within their numerical blueprint and this trait is not going to go away. This is a child that is not going to want to be bored either and will either be hopping from project to project or place to place. There is no factory work in this one's future, unless they wish to be an unhappy individual. Variety will be the spice of life. Not the easiest of life paths, more lessons have been designed by spiritual soul contract because one day their wisdom will enlighten and motivate those around them. Between the 11 and the 7, intuition will be a gift from Spirit that is theirs to utilize. They may not always understand that it is a gift; to them it's just a part of life.

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