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Today is an 8/5/1 - What Does That Hold For You?

In the world of Numerology, today is an 8 day, with a 1 attitude and a 5 Life Path number. A child born today would have this as a permanent part of its numerical blueprint. So what does that mean for you?

It's time for a change! We know it's a Saturday, but it's time to get some advertising accomplished. In the world of business, PR could be working well for us and definitely, sales will be on an increase. When it comes to new job prospects or heading towards that promotion, sell yourself (that's your talents - not your soul). Don't be surprised if a few aspects centering on business or finances comes to an end or a major change. It's just time! And don't try to get away with anything today. This combination has a way of bringing secrets out into the open. Speaking of movement, we may wish to play out this vibration at the gym where the 8 loves to workout. Weather permitting, get  your exercise (8) and reduce stress by walking in nature - a favorite pastime of the number 5. After work, meet with friends (even if you do talk business) and enjoy a quick beverage. The combination of the 8 and 5 can bring work and pleasure together for some enjoyment and laughter.

A Child Born on November 26, 2011 will have the mind of the business world but not necessarily in one office. Movement and change will be very important to this child and it won't be unusual that they are working from their car, or traveling between office by plane, train or vehicle. These children will NOT want to be bored and a change of scenery or duties will be very important. Movement and change are their lives and this goes for business, relationships, entertainment and life in general. Don't be surprised if this child lives in a variety of cities and places throughout their lifetime. The 5 gives them a true gypsy heart. Want to keep this individual in a relationship? Don't make them into a prisoner with demands and requirements as freedom is another key word for the number 5. They can bring excitement into any relationship, but not if they feel owned and controlled.

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