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Today is a 22/7/11 - What Does It Hold For You?

A 22 day, 7 attitude number
and an 11 Life Path number

This is a day of increased teaching....and learning 

Today, two master numbers come together to create a day of increased teaching and learning. We will not only be required to teach others our gifts and wisdom but learn from them as well. Master numbers may find it a bit busy for them as they may be called to be in a strictly giving capacity as opposed to a receiving.

Wisdom shared today is that which we lived - we didn't learn this in books. On that note, emotions may run a bit high as we recount events that may have been painful. Try to keep in mind that others may benefit from what you experienced and they just may have been led to you because of what you learned. They need what you have.

Business will take on a different twist today as the 11 and 22 come together. Business owners should not sit back due to the holiday, but continue offering their services and products. The 22 can be an excellent business number but you may discover how you attract customers today will be by interacting with them and not "driving the sale home." Looking at what the customer needs, and not what we need, will be the magic in the transaction.

Take some time alone as well with your thoughts. With three numbers centered on spirituality and philosophy, we all need a few minutes to tap into the Divine in our lives.

If Your Child is Born on December 22, 2011 

This child will be one whose mind is always active and always thinking (22 & 7). It will become necessary to teach them how to ground themselves and relax. "Would you relax!" won't be how it's done. Teach them about nature and the value of walking among the trees and along the water banks (creek, river, ocean). They will have tremendous analytical and problem-solving skills. And their silence at times will not have anything to do with the people around them. They are thinking. 

These children are the readers so introduce them to books early. This is not an easy combination or life path because the events they experience in life will be what they one day teach. Truly a student of life, you can not save them from every single hurt that comes their way, but you can certainly be there for them when they need love and support. These will one day be incredible teachers, so let them learn all the topics that interest them and realize that the latter part of their lives is where they will shine!

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