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A Date Which Will Live in Infamy - December 7, 1941

A 7 day, 1 attitude number
and a 7 Life Path number

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan." (Roosevelt, 1941)

70 years ago today, if you were a teenager or young adult, or if you were the parent of a teenager or young adult, you knew your son was going to war. It was not going to be an option; it was a given.  My father had just turned 18 years old.

Very much like today, it was a 7 day with a 1 attitude. The difference between then and now? In 1941, it was a 7 Life Path number and today, it's a 5.

7/1/7 - (1941) It was a spiritual day all the way around. You might say that karma was being played out or destiny was being followed. Definitely by the afternoon and evening, people were praying for the sons they had lost or the sons they were about to lose in the coming 4 years. It was a day of asking God, "WHY?" It was a time of prayer and/or reflection - looking within to re-evaluate our belief system and what we were made of. The 7 - reflection, examining our philosophies, spiritual beliefs and analyzing what we truly believe.

7/1/5 - (2011) We'll still be analyzing our belief systems today except with the 5, we may definitely want change. Some of us will be exploring different philosophies through reading, research, or asking questions. The Internet is a great tool in this regard, but all in all, it will be a much quieter day than most. For those in the States, some of us may reflect back in history. I wasn't alive in 1941, but my parents had both just turned 18. What was my father thinking - a farm  boy who would now be drafted to war? My reflections have me wondering what he must have felt. We will also contemplate movement and change in various areas of our lives today and if you truly are moving (loading the boxes), you may discover you'll be questioning your reasoning or motives. It's not that move is wrong, it's just an analytical day. The 7 relaxes from stress in nature. Weather permitting, seek a few moments here and there in nature. If you can't get outside, bring it in with a table top fountain, hot bath, paying more attention to your indoor plants or purchasing a plant. Bring life within.

If Your Child is Born on December 7, 2011 

This child will not be as nearly animated as yesterday. This is your deep thinker, analyst, researcher, observer - it is your spiritual seeker. The mind of this child will always be going, and in some respects, so will their body. Movement and change will be a constant in their lives and they will not be prone to sitting in one town/state/county for the rest of their lives. Hold this child down and you'll discover a prisoner always wanting to break free. They will also not necessarily voice their displeasure, they'll just disappear one day. Variety will also be a part of their lives and that covers not only locations but types of careers. It's not that they are confused, they just love to dabble in all sorts of interests.

The 5 Life Path will have them interested in talking to a variety of individuals while the 7 wants to know what makes them tick. This is also a combination of independence as the three cerebral numbers of Numerology combine today (1, 5, 7). Close relationships may always be a source of challenge as others find them mysterious and hard to get close to. It's not that they are so mysterious, they just don't find sharing everything about themselves that important.

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