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Today is an 11/5/9 - What Does It Hold For You?

An 11 day, a 5 attitude number
and a 9 Life Path number

This is a day of old wisdom, enlightenment, & upliftment...

...of others. Old wisdom from this lifetime or a past life joins with the master number of 11 to hone our creative gifts, our spiritual understanding and sharing what we have learned.

It can also be a day whereby we hone and heal family dynamics. It's not all about giving and receiving - sometimes it's about taking time to do the work to bring a family closer together, forgiveness of actions from the past, and/or moving forward to create a better relationship. Sounds simple, but human dynamics are rarely easy, particularly if they involve forgiveness. Take more time today to talk with each other and listen. Create a family get-together or trip. Perhaps a fun, relaxing day at home enjoying something together. Unless you're really into the fun food and rallying around particular sports teams, ignoring each other while staring at the tv rarely solidifies a relationship. It's just breathing the same air in the same room. 

Artists and writers! This is a good day to work on your books, manuscripts, articles and artistry. Listen, however, to the small voice within you for advice on how to proceed. Above all, create! Even if it's only for 1 hour. 

This is a quieter, slower day so choose your company wisely - even if it's on the Internet.

If Your Child is Born on December 29, 2011

A Child Born on December 29, 2011 has the advantage of being a compassionate soul but one that must learn to establish boundaries so that they are not taken advantage of. This is a lovely combination of the counselor, therapist, care-giver, but the 9 will always feel they must take care of every situation. This makes for a very self-reliant individual, until they reach the age whereby they need help. Those around them will have grown used to them doing all the work and will not understand why they must now join in. Teach this child while young, that it is perfectly normal to accept assistance.

A family person, living on the positive side of this vibration, this child will be a delight as a parent and will actually do a very good job. They are typically the ones that will go on to care for their parents in their latter years. With a 5 attitude, there are those around them that may not realize that this child's heart is as tender as it is and so words can create pain (which they will hold inside). Because of the 11 day, this is also a child whose lessons will be a little greater in life as they have an obligation to teach those others what they have learned in life. Old wisdom and enlightenment - the second half of the lives will be far busier than the first!

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