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Today is a 3/6/1 - What Does It Hold For You?

A 3 day, a 6 attitude number
and a 1 Life Path number

This is a day of creativity and pushing forward with those goals!

Artists and those in communications! Another great day to not only work on your talents, but put them up for sale as well. Take the opportunity to network what you do and if you have are artist, advertise it with photos. Yes - get out there on the social medias and sell! Advertise. Learn. Communication - what do you know about social media? It's time to learn as to not be left behind. On a personal front, this is a great day to check out that movie you've been wanting to watch, but choose the lighthearted one because the 3 loves to laugh! Playfulness, inner child, artist and communication - make it a day that's just plain enjoyable. Try not to get too serious, but take another step towards your dreams as well!

This evening after work, make it a family night or invite friends over or to coffee for a quick meet-up. Can't do it in person? Do it over Skype. Don't remain isolated today!

If Your Child is Born on December 21, 2011

A Child Born on December 21, 2011 could really make a good entrepreneur, business person or salesperson. This is a child that will have the gift of gab and so people will become very important to them. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers - they'll be invited to the impromptu coffee sessions and dinners. The 3 is also the number of the actor, artist, musician, etc., so don't be surprised if this child heads into the artistic realm and makes a business out of it. The 1 vibration will bring out the business owner in them and will suit them fine. They are not your typical 9 - 5 person unless their business offers them a variety of functions. A factory worker, they are not. As a child, offer them a variety of hobbies and topics to study or you will have a very bored (and unhappy) child!

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