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Today is a 5/8/3 - What Does It Hold For You?

A 5 day, 8 attitude number
and a 3 Life Path number

This is a day of change, movement & communication!

Oh my...want to save money during this Christmas season? Don't go shopping today! Put the 3 and 5 in the same car headed for the same mall and there are going to be a lot of good times....and no money left in the account. In fact, they may never come home because they discovered they'd rather travel 2,000 miles to a great mall they've heard another state or country! This is way too much fun for these two vibrations. On a business note, however, it's a great time for impromptu communication and sales advertisements. The two salesmen of Numerology are teamed up today with the 8 attitude (business/finance) dancing around them. Get out there and talk TO potential clients (not AT them). Befriend some people and share in their success stories as well.

All in all, have a good time doing it. Keep it lighthearted today and share in laughter - tell your stories and jokes. Don't worry if anyone doesn't laugh - tell them anyway! Expect the unexpected - after all, it isn't always about negativity. Invite someone to coffee, lunch or just a good conversation!

If Your Child is Born on December 5, 2011 

This child will be one whose gift of gab will take them far! Don't try to hush this child up - they have a lot to say and will do it often. Sales, Public Relations, Interpretation, Acting, Advertising....anywhere people are located, this child is going to be able to sell themselves and their product! A true people person, they'll go far in the world of business...if they believe in what they are doing.

This is a child who will not be able to be bored. Oh NO! Punching a 9 - 5 clock is the furthest thing from their mind. And they will most likely have a gypsy soul with both the 3 and 5 vibration. Travel and movement will be a part of their lifestyle. If you try to hold them down to one town in this lifetime or expect a dependent nature, you will discover one day they will be gone, never to return. These children need to fly in order to be happy. But that's ok, because that 3 vibration will keep them calling you with fantastic stories of their adventures and chances are, they'll take you with them periodically for the ride. The world is their backyard and learning about an array of cultures and countries excites them. You have a creative one on your hands - watch them soar! 

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