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Today is a 6/9/4 - What Does It Hold For You?

A 6 day, 9 attitude number
and a 4 Life Path number

This is a day of stability, family, education & design!

Today, versatility of vibrations is abundant! And actually, we would have done far better if we had chosen the vibration of the 24th for Christmas Day instead of the 25th.

Our families are on the forefront (6 & 9) and if you have children, consider teaching (4) them something of value that they could use in the future (i.e. living skills, traditions). Don't think, "they'll learn it when they have to". BE the teacher. If you're wishing to learn something yourself, take an hour, two hours to add to your knowledge.

Those in the business world should grab onto this day of sales as well. Get to know your customer base and bring them to you through conversation. They want to know you're a real person and that you care. The 6 vibration is a magnet of people and money so get out among others, but with the intent of knowing them - not slamming your business.

The 6 and 9 combo is wonderful for the artist to work at their particular craft and even teach it to another.

For all people - network your abilities and your gifts. Find another that could use some business/design wisdom and share it.

If Your Child is Born on December 24, 2011 

This child will have an incredible array of talents and gifts! Family person, business person, designer and counselor. They will seek stability and security not only around their family and home, but on finances and career. Allow these children to learn as much as they wish because these are our "walking encyclopedias". Look to this child to be a teacher and not necessarily just in a school district. If they go into the world of numbers and monetary systems, they will ultimately run the workshops in their line of work. The 6 and 9 also attributes to their ability to be compassionate and caring and they will have to ward against taking on the world's troubles. It will also bring out the artist in them. This combo brings about a wonderful well-rounded individual with talent, knowledge and fantastic innovative ideas!

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