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Today is an 8/11/6 - What Does It Hold For You?

An 8 day, an 11 attitude number
and a 6 Life Path number

This is a day of business, creativity & family!

This is an interesting combination that will require a balance between business and home. The 8 says we're busy with our careers, while the 6 wants us to look a little closer at the folks we share our lives with. 6 is also a magnet of people and money and so for sales, this could be a plus! Not a bad day for networking our services and products either, but the key will be not to advertise, but to interact. The 6 is a nurturing number that wants others to feel comfortable in their environment. It is also a number that listens to the concerns of others, so this is a great day to LISTEN to your customers as opposed to telling them what to do.

Need to get out a little bit today? The 8 likes to hit the gym, DVD workouts, lifting weights or walking the neighborhood for exercise. Spend an hour on your health and exercise! Be sure to have a great CD playing in the background or on your Walkman (do we use those any longer?) Make it as enjoyable as possible because 8 doesn't like boring entertainment.

Make this evening "family night" whether it's with biological family or those you deem family. Get out the pizza or favorite supper makings, board games or family DVDs and shut the door on your office (whether literally or figuratively). Keep it light and enjoyable.

If Your Child is Born on December 17, 2011 

This child has the great advantage of both business and family! They will learn to balance one with the other and not be all one-sided. Financial security will be important for them and they'll strive to have the best for those they share their lives with. Career will be important and sitting at home "existing" will never bring them satisfaction. Look to this child to enter the world of care-giving services or a home-based business as they combine their love of family and career together. The 6 also wants others to feel good with their looks and surroundings, so a career in designing is also possible.

What you can be guaranteed is that this child will want to LOOK GOOD! This is something that both the 8 and 6 share and so they will work hard to dress themselves for success and their homes will reflect their sense of style!

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