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Today is a 9/3/7 - What Does It Hold For You?

A 9 day, a 3 attitude number
and a 7 Life Path number

This is a day of spirituality & old wisdom~

 Today the number of the spiritual seeker is combined with old wisdom. Look to your spiritual or philosophical beliefs and see what else there is to learn. The 9 also has us sharing the wisdom we have learned along the way so watch for social networks to be humming a little more than usual. 9 is also the number that appears when family issues need healing and so we may find ourselves looking at those hurts from the past and asking questions of our Guides as to the correct course of action. Some hurts we will never be able to let go off, but we can learn how to live with them in our own way. The artist who is surrounded by the 9 will find today that his paintings, drawings or writings will take on the feel of the spiritual as they delve within their own belief system, finding just the right color or words to write. A quiet day for a Friday ~ take advantage of nature, if you can.

If Your Child is Born on December 9, 2011 

This is the Life Path of the spiritual seeker, the observer, detective, analyst, and philosopher mixed with the philanthropist and humanitarian. As they grow, this is not necessarily your most boisterous child and you'll begin to believe that they are withdrawing with age. This isn't true. The 7 can not handle continuous noise and so they are not necessarily your party animals. Seclusion and silence eventually become part of their daily adult lifestyle, so don't jump to conclusions that they are angry or unhappy. They are only balancing themselves against a noisy world. And just when you think you've sneaked something by them -  Ah-hah! 7s do not miss a thing as observation and analysis are two major traits. These traits give this child a sense of mystery to the outsider.

The 9 day will give them more sense of compassion towards others and you'll find this 7 spending more time with people of need. The 9 brings the artist out in this child, but not just any form of art. This is the type of artwork (painting, music, writing, etc.) that wishes to heal pain from the past. The 7/9 combination is a great combination for the psychologist/psychiatrist. All in all, this individual has an incredibly soft heart hidden within their walls of protection.
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