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Today is a 1/2/7 Vibration - Your Numerical Vibrations for January 19, 2012

1 - 2 - 7

New Beginnings - Creations - Spirituality

A 1 day with a 7 Life Path number is a natural match, but also bringing a lot more independence and solitude. These are two very cerebral numbers of Numerology and discussion could take on a more philosophical approach. The 7 Life Path today has us looking to the Divine and how can we integrate it more into our new plans for the future. Though we all think to the future (no matter the combination), this vibration is actually perfect for the assignment! Take a little time for yourself to contemplate the positive you wish to achieve in 2012. It's about creating new goals and dreams!

For those alone, it will be a perfect day for study and/or projects. Mixed with a little entertainment in the background, we'll accomplish much.

If Your Child is Born on January 19, 2012

A Child Born on January 19, 2012 will be an independent, self-motivating child who will excel in the areas of analysis and problem-solving. These children most often become entrepreneurs or engage in careers involving research, detective work or observation (i.e. psychology, forensics). They are able to spend long periods of time alone and in silence and don't necessarily engage in a lot of social activity.

Seven is the number of the spiritual seeker and they will spend periods of their lives asking themselves "Why am I here? Where am I going? What's that special mission I am to achieve?" You can save them a great amount of time by letting them know that the 7 Life Path is here to "have faith." Can they get through this lifetime and the lessons it provides and still have faith in the Divine and themselves?

A child born this day will study many avenues in the area of the philosophy and spirituality and it's not unusual that they will try several on before settling into one that works for them.

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