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Today is a 2/3/8 - Your Numerical Vibrations for January 20, 2012

2 - 3 - 8

Intuition - Business Sales - Love

Two business numbers join forces today and they are the best of both extremes - compassion with solid hard business practices. It's a time of caring for a clients/customers but that does not mean "free". Take time today to listen to their needs and read between the lines. There will be hints as to how you can improve your business in 2012. If you work for an employer, listen to the needs of your co-workers. Do you have additional time at your desk? What can you do for someone else to help boost their day? 

On a relationship level, there's a bit of a tug-a-pull, even though 2 and 8 are natural vibrations to each other. 2 wants to spend time caring and loving their significant other while the 8 is looking at their office desk and wanting to get back to work. If there isn't a significant other, the 2 is looking up and down the street wondering where they might be. 8's mistress is "the office" and they're looking up and down the street for customers! 

In order to find balance within today, take your organizer and log in time for work and PLAY. Close the office doors at 5-6pm and go home....with flowers in hand! (And yes, you allowed to give flowers to yourself).

If Your Child is Born on January 20, 2012

A Child Born on January 2, 2012 has the best of both worlds - Business and Love! Leader and follower, supervisor and employee. They will understand both ends of the spectrum. This is a child whereby career will be important, but they'll also want the closeness of a partner and family. They may, however, find it difficult at times to balance the two.

Intuition or gut feelings is a gift that will be a part of this child so if they are self-employed, this will serve them well for sales. We can even find those engaged as readers, alternative medicine, care-giving, counseling, and social work in this combination, but they won't be satisfied to stay at the bottom for long. These children want to own the business.

Mediation and negotiations will also be a gift of the child born today, which is an advantage in relationships and business. There are those who will actually use this talent to enter professions whereby negotiations is the main practice (police science, political science, international debate). 

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