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Today is a 3/4/9 - What Does This Vibration Hold For You?

3 - 4 - 9

Communication - Artistry - Healing

With the combination of the 3 and 9, there is a good opportunity for artists to bring healing talents into their work. Whether one is using the written word, paint, clay, etc., the product will have a touch of the humanitarian within it as the creator looks for just the right words and/or hues to touch peoples' lives.
Those surrounded with healing vibrations will excel in their field as well, as they take the opportunity to work and communicate with their clients and potential customers. Consider taking a little more time with each one as connection appears to be at a premium lately. 
Self-employed? It's a good day to change your website, business cards or advertising materials if they aren't doing the job for you. This is also a good time to send out email advertising offering special savings - but keep it short and sweet and with the touch of entertainment as the 3 loves the actor! 

Include family in today's schedule, particularly children and LISTEN. There may be a lot of communication in the vibrations today, but there is also healing family issues within the 9. Who needs to have a sympathetic or empathetic ear? Who needs your attention? Spend more time with this individual and allow them to talk about their concerns. When all is said and done, it is our family that will stick by us for years to come. Take a little more time with them today.

If Your Child is Born on January 3, 2012

A Child Born on January 3, 2012 will have a bit of the theatrics, and definitely the artist within their blueprint. Animation, and communication will be a few of their traits, using it to their advantage one day in career. Expect this child to have the gift of gab, so areas of sales, acting, PR, public speaking, radio, television, etc., could be a few of the avenues they'll gravitate to. If they lean more towards the 9 vibration of their life path, counseling, therapy, social work or the medical field can be their aim. All in all, communication and working with people is a must.

This is a child that doesn't like being bored, so it's not unusual that they hop from one toy to another and want to integrate as many playmates into the mix. And this will continue on into adult life as they throw impromptu gatherings and enjoy the company friends and strangers. Overall, the combination of the 3 and 9 is a lovely vibration for the child who will always keep a touch of the laughter and playfulness within their life!

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