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Today is a 3/4/9 - Your Numerical Vibrations for January 21, 2012

3 - 4 - 9*

Creativity & Communication

Though creativity is the height of today's theme, it's coming in from two very different angles. The playfulness and communication skills of the 3 joins the healing aspects of the 9 when it comes to creative expression. Look for those in the self-help and motivation fields to shine today with their businesses.

Those with prominent 9s in their numerical blueprints will draw to themselves those who need a sympathetic ear. The key will be to listen without taking on the vibration and concerns of those around you. As the 3 likes to fix others and make sure everyone is happy, it is sometimes difficult not to take on too much. 

Give yourself time during the day to laugh, join in conversations with friends and perhaps have a cup coffee or two with them after work. Invite friends and family to join you in some much needed enjoyment such as luncheons, dinner, or movies, but keep it light-hearted and entertaining. 

If Your Child is Born on January 21, 2012

A Child Born on January 21, 2012 will have an emotional heart with the combination of the 3 and 9. As they have the heart of the artist, they will feel vibrations that others miss. Should they venture into the arts, there will be a healing, soulful flavor to what they accomplish.

With a 9 Life Path, this child could enter the fields of care-giving, social work, therapy or counseling as an adult. One thing is certain, these are not numbers of isolation and loneliness. They will gravitate to others and want to be part of the crowd. Laughter and playfulness is a large part of their make-up and these children should be encouraged along those lines so as balance the seriousness of the 9. 

Old wisdom is also predominant within the 9, and combined with the prophetic nature of the 3, this is a child that can think deeply of the past and future. These are individuals that often know without knowing why and any psychic talents are taken for granted. It's just a part of their nature and can be overshadowed by their emotions. Teach these children how to balance stress within nature and ground themselves against negativity. On the positive side of their numbers, these are the true humanitarians in the world.

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