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Today is a 5/6/11* - Your Numerical Vibrations for 1-5-2012

5 - 6 - 11

Change - Movement - Enlightenment

Fascinating combination today! Change, movement and freedom is combined with the Master Number of 11! And to boot - the day and attitude number also equal 11, which normally doesn't happen. 

Today is not only about those close to you but it's far reaching - it's about those 500 miles away, 4,000 miles away - it's a global vibration. Enlightenment, uplifting, motivating OTHERS to be the best that they can be. Share your wisdom when asked. Offer advice or counsel when needed or asked. Spread blessings whether outloud or in silence, regardless of how far away the person is. (In the age of cyberspace, we are connected in moments.) Send out to the Universe your intentions and allow them to manifest it into reality.

If you're being led to move (either internally or externally), there is a message of the Divine within it and there is a purpose. Where are you being led to go? It's not necessary to know the whys - just that it is suppose to be.

"555 - major changes and significant transformations are here for you. You have an opportunity to break out of the chrysalis and uncover the amazing life you truly deserve." (Virtue, 2005)

If Your Child is Born on January 5, 2012 

A Child Born on January 5, 2012 will be a master number 11 Life Path with the soul of a gypsy. This is not a child destined for factory work, living in the same town for 47 years, marrying the girl/boy next door and having 2.3 children. This is a child of the Universe. They have a mission, a purpose and it won't be in one spot. Held down to one place, this could be an unhappy adult.

They will walk the path of many people as their classroom and it won't necessarily be an easy one. But the second half of their lives will be practicing their purpose - to enlighten other peoples' paths with the experiences they endured. These children will motivate and encourage those around them to be the best that they can be. Compassionate, and intuitive, people will be attracted to them. As 11s are found in all walks of life, there won't be one type of career that they will gravitate to, but the 5 says it will involve people interaction and plenty of it. Travel and change will also be part of their business equation.

The only way that I can end this writing is to say - exceptional soul with an exceptional Life Path. Teach them well, but don't hold them down. 

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