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Today is a 6/7/3* - Your Numerical Vibrations for 1-6-2012

6 - 7 - 3*

Artistry - Family - Communication

Two of the creative numbers of Numerology are combined today bringing out our artistic nature, no matter what that might be. Color, design, or sound, whichever resonates with you, most of it will be aimed at making ourselves and others feel good - uplifting the mind and soul.

Consider making this Friday family night - dinner and a comedy as laughter and playfulness are two of the traits of the 3 in conjunction with the family (6). If family and friends are not in your area, get together over the Skype webcams. Have a "Come as you are" party, showing up with your dinner and eat together over the cyber waves. 

With the creative numbers coming together, expect emotions to be on a range from 1 to 10. For all the positive these vibrations bring into our lives, the artist creates on emotion as well. Be good to yourself - take your feelings into consideration as you would someone else's. There is time tomorrow to become more cerebral in nature.

If Your Child is Born on January 6, 2012 

A Child Born on January 6, 2012 will have all the creativity, emotions and sensitivity of the artist. A tender heart with a touch of the spirituality, this child will also have the gift of gab, which will serve them well in a career. However, their ability to communicate and want the best for all may be misunderstood by many as "one that has it all together." Others will not realize that their heart is softer than their personality.

This is a child that will do well in any artistic endeavor - from clothes design to graphic arts, parenting to the healing arts. If this child goes into the field of medicine, their patients will be most fortunate for their understanding and compassion. Nurturing and family will become very important to them. This parent will be way too much fun on Christmas Day as they will be the biggest kid under the Christmas tree. 

As a spouse, there are those who will be fortunate to have this child as a companion. Yet this is a child that may gravitate to a partner that needs to be fixed. The 3 wants everyone to be happy and many times will choose a partner that requires more therapy than they have to offer.

From domesticity to color, art and design, a sixth sense and spirituality, this is a wonderful soul to have in your household!

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