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Today is a 7/8/4* - Your Numerical Vibrations for January 7, 2012

7 - 8 - 4*

Business, Business & more Business

Take your pick of what you'd like to do today from the list above. Actually, there is more to it, but that's the umbrella theme. The 4 and 8 come together as the 2 "nose to the grindstone" numbers and so if you're open for business, all the better! Work with your customer and be sure to take out time for them. The 4 and 8 are not always known for their customer interaction and the 7 day will have us wanting to be a bit more isolated than normal. Those in the spiritual, writing, observation, or detective occupations will be more apt to work longer than most, but all should be affected by this vibration. 

Those not open for business will be looking to their homes for home repairs (4 & 8) and sprucing things up a bit. It's Saturday and if you don't work the weekends, take an hour and fix those things you've been wanting to do for some time. Every little chore helps! 
Analysis is going to run high today and we may overdo it when it comes to figuring out life's events and situations. 7 & 4 can analyze anything to the hilt and both of these numbers appear in today's combination. If it gets too mentally stimulating, the 7 calms itself in nature. Weather permitting, walk outside even if it's just for a few minutes.

Though 4 is a good number for relationships/home, the 8 and 7 may lean towards more separation. Even if you have to write yourself a note, block out some time for family/friends as opposed to the "I should have's" of tomorrow. Plan a special meal or create a special dinner hour. Time lost on special occasions and events can not be replaced.

If Your Child is Born on January 7, 2012 

A Child Born on January 7, 2012 will be headed for business school or major and creating that nest egg for the future. Born on a 7 day, they could very well enter the fields that surround or teach observation, psychology, detective work, the ministry, analysis, troubleshooting or research. They will have the ability to work with others and work alone in silence. The combination of the 4 and 7 means that this child has an incredibly analytical  mind and it will never slow down. "Relax!" is not going to be something they can achieve. Though they have the ability to sit, there will most likely be a book or laptop in their hands at most times. This child needs to be challenged on a mental and scholastic level.

It will be important to teach this child that the 7 relaxes in nature: a walk in the park or forest, walking outside in the yard, gardening, touching plant life. For all their mental stimulation, the body still needs to find solace in nature from time to time. 

Though the 4 is quite a homebody and enjoys the company of family and surroundings, the 7 and 8 will have a different viewpoint. This child will have to create balance between home and business. Ideally, a home-office business would be perfect, but then again, they'd probably always be in it. Truly, this will be one of their lessons in life.

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