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Today is a 9/1/6* - Your Numerical Vibrations for January 18, 2012

9 - 1 - 6*

Creativity - Family - Compassion

Two numbers of creativity and family combine today to bring two very different vibrations - both of which can affect us. The 6 and 9 are the artists who want you and your surroundings to be happy while healing your soul. It's time for the artists, designers, writers and photographers to delve into their artistry and go after a new project. All others, consider bringing color and flare into your home. Brighten it up, no matter what season. Reconsider the decorations in the space you occupy the most, and if this is your office, spruce it up as well.

Family (or those you deem to be family) will become important today, particularly when it comes to healing issues. The combination of the 9 and 6 can also indicate walking away from a family situation, event. or even a relationship. Not the happiest of messages, but there are times when we have played out everything we can with another person. Conversations, for the sake of healing, should take place today but know that leaving could be the result if it's for our best and highest good.

Today can also be a good day for decision making of all sorts when it comes to our lives and what we want. Nurture yourself through the process, as the 6 and 9 are nurturing and humanitarian numbers. Tomorrow's 1s will have us motivated and moving full steam ahead with the decisions we make today.

If Your Child is Born on January 18, 2012 

A Child Born on January 18, 2012 will be quite a creative individual with a humanitarian heart. This also means that their heart and soul are tender and can be hurt easily. Allow them the freedom to dabble in the various arts as they will have both the 6 and 9 artist vibration in their blueprint.

This is also the combination of the therapist and counselor. Social work, therapy, counseling, psychology, care-giving and medical science may be the professions that they seek. Whatever path they choose, they are the adults who want to see others healed and pain lifted.

Family will be quite important to this child and you can expect that this is the one who will care for others in the latter portions of their lives. Nurture them well as they'll learn from you. And remember, to tread lightly upon their souls. Be the one that they can always return to for love, support and loving guidance.

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