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Today is a 3/5/1* - Your Numerical Vibrations for February 3, 2012

3 - 5 - 1*

Communication - Advertising - Goal Setting

If you're looking to accomplish a few goals and dreams, today is a great place to start - particularly if you've begun a project that you want everyone to know about! Communications is the name of the game - let everyone you know what you're on the way to accomplishing! Advertise & network. After all, if they don't know it's out there, they can't purchase your product or service. 

Need a new website? Today is a good day to design and publish it. Have new products, services, or seminars to sell? Get them on your website today and then tell people about them.  Are you in the field of art? Music? Acting? Advertise your products/services.  Are you on the major social networks? Get on them and get to know a few people. Communicate and interact!

At the end of the day, take some time for family and friends. You can mix a little business with pleasure, even if it's over a cup of coffee or dessert. Throw an impromptu potluck and invite a few friends over. This is a day for joyful business but also for laughter! Remember to have a little fun with the two.
If Your Child is Born on February 3, 2012

A Child Born on February 3, 2012 will have absolutely have the gift of gab! With the 3 and 5 together, not only will this child not want to be bored, but they aren't going to follow the typical society standard. No punching a time clock for this one. They'll want to march to a different drummer.

The 1 vibration is a child who'll know where they want to go in life and not mind asking for assistance along the way. This is a leader in the making and communication will be one of them gifts. Look for this child to understand the power of "no" early on in life and that's them telling you "no"! Sales, entrepreneur, military, CEO, or farming, the range for a child born in day is widespread but one thing is for certain. They will not want to stay down at the bottom of the totem pole for long. They can make decisions on a dime and have goals of where they're headed.

As an adult, they'll keep the playfulness quality of the 3, but balance it with the 1. Look for this child to provide well for their family and be quite protective.
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