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Today is a 5/7/3* - Your Numerical Vibrations for February 14, 2012

5 - 7 - 3*

Change - Movement - Communication

On a day that we expect closeness and love, the 5/3 combo vibrates with freedom, change (5), and communication (3). And there's even a bit of solitude thrown in there for good measure (7).

Have a variety of options to do today. One size doesn't fit all and those who have projects and hobbies will be dabbling in every one of them. Spontaneity, variety, and being adventurous will head up the traits of today as both the 5 and 3 do not enjoy the same old thing or boredom. Use your imaginations today and be clever!

If the budget affords it, get out of the house this evening for dinner, or just dessert & a beverage. There is absolutely nothing boring about this vibration and if you're planning something for Valentine's Day, the same ol', same ol' will not bring you the result you may be desiring! It's not about money today; it's about enjoyment! 

For those who have to work, it's a good day for sales and or just communicating with past/present clients. Keep it lighthearted and enjoy their stories as well. All in all, a good day to get together with others!
If Your Child is Born on February 14, 2012

A Child Born on February 14, 2012 will not want to stay in one place too long, as a child or as an adult. This is one with a gypsy heart and the world is their backyard. If you try to hold them down,  you'll discover a saddened individual who feels they are in prison. Let them go - they'll come back to visit.

People and the gift of gab are traits belonging to this child. They're adventuresome, talkative and will excel in the areas of sales, PR, travel, and any other profession that takes them on the road. People are drawn to these individuals and this will be to their advantage when it comes to careers. Whatever field they choose, this is not an individual who wishes to be bored or punch a time clock!

With both the 3 and 5 vibration, this is not a child who will concentrate on investments. They'll most likely always land on their feet, but enjoying life will be more important to them than having their nose to the grindstone in order to create a future nest egg.
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