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Today is a 2/4/9* - Numerical Vibrations for February 2, 2012

2 - 4 - 9*

Intuition- Business - Wisdom

Today's vibration brings more intuitive thoughts when it comes to home and relationships. Love and harmony is on the forefront, but don't be surprised if part of that is acquired by communication and working on past family issues (9). However, solving family/relationship issues can go both ways - coming back together again or realizing that the relationship has been played out and it is now time to move forward.

In the area of business, spend more time on your clientele. Compassion and understanding will take you far today. Have a great idea of where your business should go? (4) Listen to your intuitive side (2) and make plans to bring something new into your business. If you work for another, where do you wish your career to move towards? Make plans now to attain it. Perhaps it's a course or seminar you should take that will help your resume along. Do consider it! 

February 2nd can also be an emotional day, so be kind to yourself and remember that the love  you share today can be given to the person in the mirror!
If Your Child is Born on February 2, 2012

A Child Born on February 2, 2012 will have a very gentle spirit and one of compassion. With a combination of the 2, 4, and 9, they will be a very good catch for a loving relationship. Leadership qualities will not be most prominent unless they are given a name with strong vibrations, such as 1s and 8s.  Be careful with your words when speaking to this child. They have a heart of gold and can be wounded greatly with what others tell them.

Look for this child to go into a care-giving career as an adult - therapy, counselor, minister, medical profession, or social work, to name a few. Their clients will be blessed to have them in charge of their case. No matter what career path they choose, their sense of gut feeling will be heightened throughout their life. This is a child that could also enter the realm of divination reader due to their 2 & 9 vibration. Old wisdom combines with intuition to create more psychic expression. 
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