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Today is a 4/6/11 - Your Numerical Vibrations for February 13, 2012

4 - 6 - 11*

Business - Home - Enlightenment

Even though it is Monday, you may discover that home is the theme of the day - whether that includes repairs, home maintenance or family time. If it includes others, honing our wisdom will be called up (11). Some of it will include lessons on mastering our lives, but it can also be about sharing our wisdom. Practice patience when others ask you what you think of particular situations and events. Most of them will not be questioning you; they want to learn from your knowledge.

In business, it's a good day to make sure the doors are open for sales, but with the 11 vibration, also be prepared to spend more time with your customers to allow them the time they need. Remember that "word of mouth" is the best advertisement for future clients.

Do you have a particular topic you've wanted to study? Bookstores, libraries and the Web will be popular locations for finding just the subject you are looking for. The 4 vibration may even have us curling up with a good book this evening or maybe even a well filmed documentary. Either case, enjoy the relaxation along with the working side of life today. Some of that study may actually create financial prosperity in the future.

Above all, it's a day of enlightenment and motivation. Spread it to others and also to yourself!
If Your Child is Born on February 13, 2012

A Child Born on February 13, 2012 will have a Life Path of the master number 11. Not a easy row to hoe, they will learn more lessons than the average person in this lifetime so that they can become an inspiration to others. With the 4 vibration in the mix, this is also a child who will not mind studying and the other numbers in their numerical blueprint will lean them towards their particular topics.

As the master number 11 is found in all types of careers, there isn't a category of businesses that they will be attracted to. Again, the numbers that surround them in their chart will dictate that. However, the 4 will encourage them to gravitate towards areas that provide security and stability for the home and a nest egg for the future. Look for these children to enjoy education and study, which will take them far.

4/6/11 are also very good numbers when it comes to relationships and the home. Close family ties are produced by all three and this is a person that anyone would be fortunate to have as a mate!
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