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Today is a 7/9/5* - Your Numerical Vibrations for February 7, 2012

7 - 9 - 5*

Spirituality - Compassion - Change

Whether looking at astrology or numerology, we can all agree that change is definitely in the air. We all appear to be feeling it within ourselves and witnessing it within our lives. Today will be no different, so breathe in, breathe out. It's inevitable.  Turn your thoughts to the divine (7) in your life and ask the questions you need answered in this regard.

The 5/7 combination is going to have us a bit more cerebral than other days, so when the thoughts are swirling, creating a bit of stress, take a break outside for a few moments (weather permitting). The 5s and 7s relax in nature so treat yourself to a well deserved view of the outdoors. 

Need a problem solved? The 7 vibration creates a fine platform for digging into mysteries is the number of the researcher, the detective. Spend a little time today on those items that need solving and be gentle on yourself in the process (9).

If Your Child is Born on February 7, 2012

A Child Born on February 7, 2012 will be one that does quite a bit of analyzing, sometimes wearing themselves out in the process. You'll never control that factor about them, but you can teach them that walking in nature is a lovely way reduce the mental fatigue they may themselves through.

This is a child that has a gypsy soul and living in one town for the rest of their lives, performing the same job will not be on their resume. In fact, if that is the case, you'll discover a very unhappy individual. Give these children a free rein as young adults and they'll come back to visit. But these are people of the planet and travel and movement are very important to them.

Watch this child acquire a myriad of friends from all walks of life. For all their freedom loving traits, they love stories and every individual they meet has a story they want to hear. This combination is as comfortable with the rich and famous as they are with the homeless - it doesn't matter. But with the 7 vibration, also understand that there are times this child will need silence and seclusion from all this interaction. The 7 needs their time alone to recoup from the noise of the world.

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