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Today is a 9/11/7* - Your Numerical Vibrations for February 9, 2012

9 - 11 - 7*

Old Wisdom - Enlightenment - Spirituality

If we could all take a break from work today, this would be a perfect combination for congregating together, practicing our spiritual beliefs. Take time out today to delve into your philosophies and spiritual side of your nature. Spend some time with your Guides in prayer or meditation asking them the questions  you desire answers to.

In business, it's a wildcard of a day. The 9 brings finances easily but the 7's focus is not so much the money, but the journey. 

All in all, it's looking within oneself and asking the big questions of life. Where do you want to be going? What do you need solved? Listen for the answers.

If Your Child is Born on February 9, 2012

A Child Born on February 9, 2012 will most likely have an incredible sense of spirituality or philosophy. This child will be looking for the magic in life and most likely their belief systems will be incredibly important to them. It will always be a part of their life. They may spend more time than others studying the meaning of life and asking themselves what their destiny is, why are they here and what they are here to attain. The path of the Life Path 7 is only to have faith, but they may spend years answering that for themselves.

Spirituality combined with humanitarianism (9) and wanting the best for all individuals (11), this child could easily go into the ministry, social services, psychology, a non-profit organization - any place where concern for their fellow man is involved. As an adult, they will want to leave the world a better place and strive through personal endeavors or charitable organizations to leave their mark on their community.

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