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The Double 3s - What Do You Need to Communicate?

We're going to wind up April on a good note - even for a Monday! What do you need to communicate? There's going to be a lot of talking occurring. Relationship, business, friendship, whatever the category, communication and/or networking are the themes of the day. Haven't heard from a family member or friend lately - send an email but better yet, give them a call. It doesn't have to be long. Those in artistic endeavors will also find it a good time to work on their crafts so bring out the colors, music or drawing paper, notebooks, clay, beads, whatever your artistry requires. Fiction writers will also find imagination and exaggeration run high when the 3 appears, so be sure to find time to work on your stories! And by all means, everyone share your jokes and funny stories. Laughter and playfulness is another trait of the 3 and so welcome it in. Both can be exceptional medicine!

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Intuition & Emotions Run High Today!

The doubles are almost completed, but today we delve into the emotional side of the double 2 while realizing that one of them is actually an 11 in disguise. The 11 challenges us to wade through an emotional day to give to others of our wisdom and gifts. Lessons will be on the list as well as the Divine requires us to become the best that we can be (11). Try not to take challenges too seriously today - you are loved - even if it doesn't feel like it. :) Seek the element of water and ask for strength and wisdom and be open to Gaia's instructions. The earthly mother has much to teach all of us. Weather permitting, take time to connect to the Earth. Take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath you. Spend more time with friends/family. Say hello to strangers. "If someone doesn't have a smile, give them one of yours."

The Double 1s - Take a Little Extra Time to Speak

The double 1s with a 5 attitude will have us looking at individual, independent pursuits today. So if it feels a bit more isolating than normal, wait for tomorrow when the vibration changes to togetherness. In the meantime, what do you want to accomplish? What goal do you wish to pursue? Do you have one? The energy is running high to get it ALL done, so prioritize. The double 1s may also have us looking at our way and not necessarily others' opinions. We may have to work harder at the art of mediation and communication when it comes to relationships. Watch your words and take a little extra time to speak.

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The Double 9s - Letting Go, Healing, Old Wisdom

When double 9s appear, several things will have to be addressed or are possible. People, places, and things will be on the forefront and we could be wrapping up a way of life. Definitely, we'll be looking at all three and taking a review of whether they're working for us or not. Should we let them go? Are they serving our best purpose? Are they holding us back? Healing family issues, whether the parties involved are still living or not, may also be required of us. If they are no longer with us or if communication with them is not possible, placing the dynamics of that relationship into perspective so that we can move forward will also be a under review. Revisiting past memories - what will you do with them? Remember, forgiveness is not forgetting. We do not have that ability, but how we react to it on a continuous basis is under our control. After all, what we continually focus upon, we bring continually into our lives. Is the vision in your mind one that's propelling you …

Double 8s! Behave Yourself~

Double 8s with a 3 attitude! First, this is not a day for thinking you can be sneaky. Oh no - multiple 8s announce "You'll get caught!" So stay on the up and up. We'll be looking hard at our careers and businesses today. And with the 3 attitude, we'll probably be talking about it more than usual! Looking for a new way of promoting yourself, a new job, a promotion or starting a business of your own? This is the day to utilize the double vibration and push towards your goal. Take additional steps towards what you want to manifest. The double 8 is also a good time to start a new health plan or program. From dietary changes to beginning a new or different exercise program, the 8 wants to look it's best. If you've thought of making changes to this part of your life, now is an excellent time to start. Go for it!

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Why Am I Here? What Was My Destiny? The Double 7

The number 7 typically has us looking within at our philosophies of life. But with the double 7, there will be more of the other idiosyncrasies of the 7 appearing. Why am I here? Why am I experiencing the life I have? What WAS my destiny? What did I miss? It's a common practice with the 7 Life Path or those with multiple 7s in their numerical blueprint. The answer is to have faith. There wasn't just one way, one road, or one purpose. Our quest for the 25th is to just get to the end of the day and still have faith that we are living our Divine purpose and that there is a Divine force that looks out over all of us. With the double 7 also comes the desire to study, research and over-analyze. Opt for the study and research of favorite topics and give up on the over-analyze. The 7 handles stress by walking in nature - even if you just walk around your yard for a few minutes at a time. If you can't get out into nature, bring it inside and keep it close to you today.

The Double 6 Shouts: Togetherness!!

The last double 6 day of this month allows us another opportunity to spend quality time with our families and those we consider family. Perhaps those people live at a distance - call them. Don't put it off. Email them. Better yet, surprise them by sending a card or small package. It's also about community and if you belong to a non-profit organization or charity, consider putting in time today. Offer blessings (even silently) to those you pass or give someone a smile. Take more time for your customers and make sure they feel special. This is a day of togetherness, not independence. If you live alone with others, consider friends online and get together on Skype (even if it's for a short time). You don't have to turn on the webcam, but do it anyway - no one looks good on webcam, so laugh with each other first and then get to the business of sharing time with a friend who is probably as happy as you to have the company.

Look Before You Leap - It's A Double 5 Day

"All that glitters is not gold" - we've all heard that phrase. Change, movement and....drama....all rolled into one. Those who thrive on it will particularly be prone to offer you more. Just roll with the punches and realize it's just the vibration of the day. If you're wanting change within your life, it will pull at your desire that much more. However, you are the one who has to take the step; no divination art will do it for you. Keep busy with projects that you enjoy or throw yourself into work as the 5 vibration dislikes boredom. Watch the check book today as 5 loves to spend money with little care that it's going into the negative numbers. All in all, stay busy and cruise through the day. Tomorrow will be far more relaxing.
It's a double 4 day, but not just any double 4 because the first one backs up to the number 22 - the master teacher. Teaching and learning will go hand in hand today - the receiving and giving of wisdom. So what is it that you've wanted to learn? Allocate some time to web surf, read or seek out that information. We'll be contemplating our security and stability as it centers on the home, finances and job. Those in home-based businesses will have the wheels turning when it comes to creation! Enjoy the journey because the 4 generally brings some great ideas! Are you a writer? The 4 enjoys that ride as well, particularly non-fiction that is teaching another a skill or craft.

What could be better for a Saturday than a double 3 day?

What could be better for a Saturday than a double 3 day? Though 3 is the number of artistry, communication, and sales, it also brings out the child in us. Laughter, playfulness, and comedy movies are also features that the 3 vibration attracts. It's the number of the child and our inner child says, "I want to play today!" On that note, get out (weather permitting) and have some fun. If weather keeps you inside, don't take the day serious - get out the board games, or enjoy a hobby that you haven't been able to enjoy for some time. If you can involve your friends in this, all the better! Put on the coffee/tea pot (no matter what time of the day), sit around the kitchen table and enjoy some lighthearted conversation. This is a great day to relax and just have fun!

Numerology: Taking the Negative With the Positive

In Numerology, every number has a positive and negative side. When a particular number is in our blueprint or surrounding us for a day, week, month or year, we take on the challenges with the gifts. When we change the numerical vibration of our names, addresses, or accounts, we accept both sides of the new vibration. Therefore, I always like to see what a person is changing and how it will ultimately affect them.

1 Method Of Finding Water During Times of Survival

"Before food, we require water, which in the case of survival becomes the first priority and you will need a minimum of two quarts of suitable drinking water per day for each person (do not forget your animals!) Even if you have water with you, finding a source to replenish water is a MUST! Begin by observing nature. 'Many different forms of life are certain indicators of water in your vicinity. Bees must have water. Pigeons and all grain eaters must have water, but the flesh eaters such as the crow, hawk and eagle can go without water for a long time.' (Finding Survival Water, 2010)" (Patton,2010)

A Proposal, Anyone?

When the double 2 appear in a numerical blueprint, it denotes that this is a person that needs to give and receive love - not just want. It will be no different today. The pull will be that much stronger for those with multiple 2s in their blueprint and for the rest of us. For those in love, they may discover a proposal will be coming, or for married individuals, a spicing up of the relationship (and don't wait for the other person - be the one who initiates it!) For others, the double 2 can bring an emotional time as we address what we may lack. On the other hand, it will bring a much more heightened sense of intuition. Readers, alternative healers, caregivers and all others who work with Spirit, will find it a plus in their businesses. If you are in the process of mediation or negotiations, today is also an excellent time to sit down and work it through.

Creating & Accomplishing Goals!

Double 1s are really going to have the mind on overtime today! We know what we want and if we don't, we'll be making plans on how to achieve it. Expect that with this planning comes a lot of independent study and research and therefore, it is not always conducive to close, personal relationship time. Don't take it personally when it feels like you may be alone today - we're all working independently (which we'll make up for tomorrow). Double 1s can also bring about the feeling of "not being good enough." That's not the truth. We'll take that additional time needed to dot all the i's and cross all the t's. Push forward with your goals and projects, whatever they may be. At the end of the day, you'll be proud of your accomplishments!

The Double 9 Brings Out Creativity, Shedding and Healing

Today brings us a double 9 day which could bring out a number of events. The 9, a very creative number, could have us working on our artistic abilities, producing works that touch the soul and heal the heart. But on the other hand, it could conclude situations and events in our lives in order to move us forward. Endings to people, places and things may be imminent as we prepare to look to the future. Don't be surprised if many decisions are made today to shed ourselves of relationships and possessions that are no longer serving our best purpose. On the home front, the healing of family riffs and issues may be calling us to sit and work with each other in a humanitarian manner. It requires that all persons involved take extra time to listen to each other - not just speak. Perhaps this is a wound from your past and the other person is no longer in your life. You will need to look inside yourself, placing the hurt into perspective so that you can live a more peaceful life. Remember, …

Don't wait - the 8 knows how to take charge!

Double 8s are surrounding us today so don't be surprised if we are doubly concerned with work and our health (that's what the 8 does best). If you have been looking for that umph that catapults you into sending out your resume because you want a job or a different one, this is the vibration that can do it. Perhaps you are self-employed or enjoying the position you have presently. Then, take advantage of this time to study or research a topic within your business interests that would help boost you towards adding to your skills and knowledge. There is nothing wrong with hoping for increased sales or a promotion/transfer into another department. Health is also on the forefront today and this is not a negative. When the 8 rolls around, we begin looking at walking, exercising, perhaps even a membership to a gym. For those who want to be on a program but can't afford at this time a membership, there are many options to you. Join a group on one of the social medias that exercise…

It's A Day of Inward Reflection and Looking At Our Spirituality

Today is a day of double 7s - it's a day of really searching our spirituality. What do we really believe? Is that philosophy really working for us? What spiritual topic would I like to research (because the 7 also likes to research)? How do I fit my belief system in with my lifestyle and give me satisfaction? These are things to contemplate and find answers to. The 7 also likes to study and be the detective - particularly good if you're working on genealogy or a test paper today. But it is also a day of solitude (not easy for a Monday) and wanting to be a bit isolated. So don't take the quiet of others personally. It's a day for ourselves.

Get A Reading and Help The Tornado Victims!

This weekend, we once again watch the damage that wind can create for our neighbors in the central plains of the United States. Even if we have not experienced it ourselves, we can empathize with their loss and heartache at losing their homes. This week, April 15th through the 22nd, I am donating 50% of all income from readings to the Salvation Army for tornado relief in the southern & central plains, You will receive a copy of the receipt before the reading.

Here is an opportunity to not only answer your own concerns, find direction and discover what Numerology/Tarot has for you, but 50% will be given to the Salvation Army to help others rebuild their lives. It's a win/win situation so let's work together and create something positive!

WE Are What Matters!

Today's double 6s remind us that when all else fails, we have friends, family and community. For those of us in the United States, it particularly brings home this fact as we assess (or watch from afar) our neighbors in the central Plains attempt to clean up and salvage from the devastation of yesterday. Spend extra time today, no matter what you wish to do, involved with others. Take someone along with you. Perhaps you are a person who interacts online with others because that's what you have in the way of community. That's ok...start a conversation; get on Skype. Really talk with each other and get to know each other. The number 6 has other meanings as well, but they can wait for another day. We are what matters.

Beginning Numerology: Discovering the Vibrations of Your Life!

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April 13th - The Double 4s!

Today! It's the double 4s and it doesn't matter that it's Friday - our noses will be to the grindstone or hitting the books. Tomorrow, we can play, but today, hit it hard and take your job, business or schooling by storm! How can you improve it, or what message can you send? Perhaps you can combine the two. What  do you need to read or research to move your business ahead? Let's do it! On the other side, do  more listening than talking today. It can be a wee bit argumentative!


Passion and Purpose are partners! What's yours?Where-ever you are, whatever you're experiencing, use it to discover who you are!Don't stop at where you are as if it is the destination, but use it as the transportation to where you want to go!You don't need others' validations to discover who you are!Don't try to constantly be what you are not. At any age, you can ignite your purpose in life!Sometimes we don't feel passion - get out of the boat and do something different! Feel!What do we do with the shadows of life? These are not distractions from our purpose. Sometimes pain brings us conviction of what we are meant to do.Sometimes we find ourselves with the removal of another (relationship breakup).Don't seek provision; seek PURPOSE. Provision will follow. When you find your purpose, provision will chase you!Sexy is a confident individual who knows where the heck they're going and what they want to do in life! Just because you're not behind bars…

Numerology For Tarot Readers Online Workshop!


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All you need for this class is:

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It's Time To Change Our Stories - Part II

Yesterday, we began listening to the sentences that define our lives. You know, those ones we repeat over and over:
"I'm not as good as my sister" "I'm always alone""There are no jobs out there""My parents hated me""My relationships always fall apart""I have no friends""I'd love to do that, but I can't (fill in the blank)"If you tell a story long enough, it becomes reality! It can be the biggest story in the world, but if you tell it long enough, you make it reality and give it incredible power. Athletes and people in power do it all the time. ("I won the Gold Medal!") Those negative lines can make or break your life. But you have the power to change them!

Today, begin writing a new line next to each of those old story lines from yesterday. Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

1. The easiest way is to stop telling them. When you stop telling them, a new …

What Happens When I See a "1" in the Middle of Two Numbers?

What happens when you see a "1" in the middle of two numbers - particularly if are the same? It reminds us that we must FOCUS upon the message of the double number. Let's take an example:

In numerology, it's telling us to pay attention to our intuition because change is upon us. It could also be telling you that a new love relationship is on its way!

In Angel Numbers it means, "Believe in the ideas and revelations that you're receiving. Have faith in the power of your thoughts to positively alter your life." (Virtue-Brown, 2005)

It's Time To Change Our Stories!

What is your "Story"? What sentences do you hear over and over that define your life? We have the power to CHANGE our stories!

We are the co-creators of everything we experience and we have the POWER to change it!
We all have sentences that we repeat on a daily basis that we are not even aware of. Many circulate in our heads while we daydream.
"I'm not as good as my sister" "I'm always alone""There are no jobs out there""My parents hated me""My relationships always fall apart""I have no friends""I'd love to do that, but I can't (fill in the blank)"Do these look familiar? We might even say them nicely, feeling we are just stating facts - at least that's what we tell ourselves. What you accept as fact creates your life experiences. In fact, if we repeat a line long enough it becomes fact, whether it started out that way or not. What are your repeating lines that dictate your life?

What abo…

The 5s Have It!

It's a number that has been circulating around for many of us this year and some see it more than others. The Earth is in a personal year of 5 - movement and change. And there are those that see it in multiples such as "555". So what does that mean for you?

In Numerology, the grouping would add up to the number 15/6. On a lesser note, it still may indicate a change, but ultimately it will center around the family, design, color, and nurturing. Sometimes family can also refer to community. What is it about these topics is undergoing a change within your life? What needs to be improved upon and taken care of? It is referring to other family members, or is it referring to you? What do you need to do to take better care of yourself? It can be simple or complex, but ultimately, if you do not take care of you, it's very difficult to take care of the others in your life.

On another note, "Angel Numbers" was written by Doreen Virtue and Lynette Brown (2005). It al…


I Need Answers!Why am I stuck in this same cycle all the time?
Why am I choosing this relationship when I know it's not good for me?
Will I ever meet someone who can love me?
Is it time to move on and where do I go? (business/personal)
What was I meant to do in life? Do I even have a purpose?
Why can't I get this nagging memory out of my head?

These are but a few of the questions most often asked. And in each case, because there appears to be no answer coming from within, you stop everything you're doing hoping that next week will be better. When next week arrives, you discover it's just more of the same. Let's get rid of that pattern, shall we?

I use several divination arts along with practical coaching to help you resolve that hurdle that appears insurmountable. Together, let's discover a more successful outlook on how to see things differently and move that bolder outta here!

What's your question? Let's find the answer!
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You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions!

I encourage you to tag yourself or others you feel could benefit from this message. ♥
"You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions." (The Map, Baron-Reid, 2011)

There are times when things seem a bit topsy-turvy, and it feels as if you're juggling a thousands balls in the air. Perhaps you're unsure of your footing. Now is the moment to evaluate which areas of your life need balance and then restore equilibrium. Choose harmony over discord, and great success will be yours. You'll find inner stability when you choose a balanced, focused, and level path."

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You are in the process of deep, beautiful change!

I encourage you to tag yourself or others you feel could benefit from this message. ♥
"You are in the process of deep, beautiful change." (The Map, Baron-Reid, 2011)

Interesting that the word change is in the title of this card as it is also numbered 23. 2+3=5 and 5 is the number of movement and change!
"The process of change is often painful, for it is never without losses and sacrifices. If you are to transform from one form to another, a part of you needs to die. Perhaps you're being asked to let go of low self-worth, a dream that no longer serves you, a relationship that is draining, or unhealthy habits. Despite your fear, you must accept that this is a transformational time for you. There will be some loss involved, but you'll love what you become."

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