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The Double 3s - What Do You Need to Communicate?

We're going to wind up April on a good note - even for a Monday! What do you need to communicate? There's going to be a lot of talking occurring. Relationship, business, friendship, whatever the category, communication and/or networking are the themes of the day. Haven't heard from a family member or friend lately - send an email but better yet, give them a call. It doesn't have to be long. Those in artistic endeavors will also find it a good time to work on their crafts so bring out the colors, music or drawing paper, notebooks, clay, beads, whatever your artistry requires. Fiction writers will also find imagination and exaggeration run high when the 3 appears, so be sure to find time to work on your stories! And by all means, everyone share your jokes and funny stories. Laughter and playfulness is another trait of the 3 and so welcome it in. Both can be exceptional medicine!

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