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The Double 6 Shouts: Togetherness!!

The last double 6 day of this month allows us another opportunity to spend quality time with our families and those we consider family. Perhaps those people live at a distance - call them. Don't put it off. Email them. Better yet, surprise them by sending a card or small package. It's also about community and if you belong to a non-profit organization or charity, consider putting in time today. Offer blessings (even silently) to those you pass or give someone a smile. Take more time for your customers and make sure they feel special. This is a day of togetherness, not independence. If you live alone with others, consider friends online and get together on Skype (even if it's for a short time). You don't have to turn on the webcam, but do it anyway - no one looks good on webcam, so laugh with each other first and then get to the business of sharing time with a friend who is probably as happy as you to have the company.