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Double 8s! Behave Yourself~

Double 8s with a 3 attitude! First, this is not a day for thinking you can be sneaky. Oh no - multiple 8s announce "You'll get caught!" So stay on the up and up. We'll be looking hard at our careers and businesses today. And with the 3 attitude, we'll probably be talking about it more than usual! Looking for a new way of promoting yourself, a new job, a promotion or starting a business of your own? This is the day to utilize the double vibration and push towards your goal. Take additional steps towards what you want to manifest. The double 8 is also a good time to start a new health plan or program. From dietary changes to beginning a new or different exercise program, the 8 wants to look it's best. If you've thought of making changes to this part of your life, now is an excellent time to start. Go for it!

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