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The Double 9 Brings Out Creativity, Shedding and Healing

Today brings us a double 9 day which could bring out a number of events. The 9, a very creative number, could have us working on our artistic abilities, producing works that touch the soul and heal the heart. But on the other hand, it could conclude situations and events in our lives in order to move us forward. Endings to people, places and things may be imminent as we prepare to look to the future. Don't be surprised if many decisions are made today to shed ourselves of relationships and possessions that are no longer serving our best purpose. On the home front, the healing of family riffs and issues may be calling us to sit and work with each other in a humanitarian manner. It requires that all persons involved take extra time to listen to each other - not just speak. Perhaps this is a wound from your past and the other person is no longer in your life. You will need to look inside yourself, placing the hurt into perspective so that you can live a more peaceful life. Remember, forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.