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I Need Answers!

Why am I stuck in this same cycle all the time?
Why am I choosing this relationship when I know it's not good for me?
Will I ever meet someone who can love me?
Is it time to move on and where do I go? (business/personal)
What was I meant to do in life? Do I even have a purpose?
Why can't I get this nagging memory out of my head?

These are but a few of the questions most often asked. And in each case, because there appears to be no answer coming from within, you stop everything you're doing hoping that next week will be better. When next week arrives, you discover it's just more of the same. Let's get rid of that pattern, shall we?

I use several divination arts along with practical coaching to help you resolve that hurdle that appears insurmountable. Together, let's discover a more successful outlook on how to see things differently and move that bolder outta here!

What's your question? Let's find the answer!

 MP3 Recording Session Only $35.00

This is great for the person on the go but who is looking for a single question answered. They are performed by MP3 and last approximately 30 minutes. I'll be exploring the solution from several different angles, along with giving you answers and options to pursue.

In the Note Section of PayPal, please let me know the following:
1. Would you like a telephone appointment OR
2. Would you rather have an MP3 recording instead sent to you so that you are free to continue your day?
3. Your everyday name (first/last), your name as it appears on your birth certificate (first/middle/last), your birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy).
4. The concern you'd like to address. If PayPal does not give you enough room, you may also email your information to me at