It’s Time To Change Our Stories!

What is your “Story”? What sentences do you hear over and over that define your life? We have the power to CHANGE our stories!

We are the co-creators of everything we experience and we have the POWER to change it!

We all have sentences that we repeat on a daily basis that we are not even aware of. Many circulate in our heads while we daydream.

  • “I’m not as good as my sister” 
  • “I’m always alone”
  • “There are no jobs out there”
  • “My parents hated me”
  • “My relationships always fall apart”
  • “I have no friends”
  • “I’d love to do that, but I can’t (fill in the blank)”

Do these look familiar? We might even say them nicely, feeling we are just stating facts – at least that’s what we tell ourselves. What you accept as fact creates your life experiences. In fact, if we repeat a line long enough it becomes fact, whether it started out that way or not. What are your repeating lines that dictate your life?

What about those lines that we define as “but they are true”! Write those down as well.

  • “I’m an orphan”
  • “I’m 100 pounds overweight”
  • “I’m short”
  • “I don’t have a job”
  • “I’m single”

TODAY – listen to your sentences while conversing with others or inside your head. You know the reoccurring ones. Write them down. Many will be “Aha!” moments when you realize how easily they just pop into our communications. Let’s start changing our stories by recognizing our limiting beliefs and we’ll continue discussing how to start throwing them OUT tomorrow!

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