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  • Passion and Purpose are partners! What's yours?
  • Where-ever you are, whatever you're experiencing, use it to discover who you are!
  • Don't stop at where you are as if it is the destination, but use it as the transportation to where you want to go!
  • You don't need others' validations to discover who you are!
  • Don't try to constantly be what you are not.
  •  At any age, you can ignite your purpose in life!
  • Sometimes we don't feel passion - get out of the boat and do something different! Feel!
  • What do we do with the shadows of life? These are not distractions from our purpose. Sometimes pain brings us conviction of what we are meant to do.
  • Sometimes we find ourselves with the removal of another (relationship breakup).
  • Don't seek provision; seek PURPOSE. Provision will follow. When you find your purpose, provision will chase you!
  • Sexy is a confident individual who knows where the heck they're going and what they want to do in life! 
  • Just because you're not behind bars, doesn't mean  you haven't incarcerated your life. Set yourself free by breaking out of your space. Expand!
  • You will receive turbulence from those who wish to hold you back when you change. That's not a reason to give up your purpose. You need new friends and ones that challenge your thinking process.
  • You don't always fit your dream perfectly. Use your faith and take baby steps!