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Why Am I Here? What Was My Destiny? The Double 7

The number 7 typically has us looking within at our philosophies of life. But with the double 7, there will be more of the other idiosyncrasies of the 7 appearing. Why am I here? Why am I experiencing the life I have? What WAS my destiny? What did I miss? It's a common practice with the 7 Life Path or those with multiple 7s in their numerical blueprint. The answer is to have faith. There wasn't just one way, one road, or one purpose. Our quest for the 25th is to just get to the end of the day and still have faith that we are living our Divine purpose and that there is a Divine force that looks out over all of us. With the double 7 also comes the desire to study, research and over-analyze. Opt for the study and research of favorite topics and give up on the over-analyze. The 7 handles stress by walking in nature - even if you just walk around your yard for a few minutes at a time. If you can't get out into nature, bring it inside and keep it close to you today.