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Oh - Just Throw It Away!

Last day of May and the challenging combos - which is the note we'll end with. 4 and 5 - let's not even put them in the same car as they would not make good vacationing buddies! 4 has her nose to the grindstone and the "right thing to do" while 5 says, "What the hell! Throw caution to the wind!" 4 will have us looking at our finances and the security of a penny saved, a penny earned and 5 will be doing her best to spend it. 4 has a list of "things to accomplish" started, while 5 is setting a match to the paper. Change and movement will be focused around our jobs, homes, and educational pursuits today. You may choose to actually go off in an entirely new direction with one or all three or on the mundane, tweak what you already have. What's that thing in your home that you want to change out? Unlike the 6, this will be more geared towards repairs or fix-it jobs. Try not to analyze today's situations too much (4) - just ride it all out until …

Where's My Promotion?

What better combo than a 3/4 which brings about our  need to network what we do for a living or manifest stability and security in our lives. Looking for a transfer or promotion? Take this opportunity to speak with your manager about the possibility, or employees, if you're wanting to accomplish or create something special. Take a few lighthearted stories to the work place today and laugh! Around the home - make it fun and begin the day with a bit of playfulness as the 3 loves to play. Looking to expand your knowledge? Visit the library or bookstore today and read up on your favorite topics. Spend a little time surfing the web (no, not the social medias) for information you can print out for future reference. All in all, it's a good combination for a variety of things today. Go for it!

Trust Your Gut Feelings Today!

11 - the visionary trait of the Master Number 11 visits us for the last time this month. Intuition runs higher today while communication is the second benefit. We may be asked for our advice or gifts and then again, we may be offered an opportunity to learn something new. Accept both situations but be sure that there is value for yourself as well in the process. The 11 speaks of uplifting, and enlightening others - this goes for you too. Trust your gut feelings with what is coming from the still, small voice within. Take some time today to seek wisdom from the Divine through meditation and study. Journal your answers. This evening, bring a little medicinal laughter into your life with either friends, family or a comedy DVD. Share your humorous stories with each other or get out the board games. It's definitely a night to enjoy yourself!

Where The Heck Am I Going?

Out with the Old; In with the New! We're not only wrapping up the loose ends of projects but beginning others today - even if they are only in our own minds at the planning stages. What's just not working in your life? And how do you visualize the future? Where do you want all of this to lead? There will be a lot of mental decisions made today. And beings it's also Sunday, take your cup of coffee/tea/juice out onto the porch (weather permitting) and turn your minutes of decision into a meditation or a quiet thinking session. Look within for the answers that are already there and ask "What's the higher calling for me?" "Where is all of this going?" "Where do I want all this to go?" Take the time and begin the focusing process.

Bring The Smells of The Health Food Store Home

The last of the challenging combos is coming to an end but not before we see the 8 and 9 dancing their tango again. And if you're in the States, throw a Holiday weekend into the mix. We're looking at what we do for a living today with that scrupulous eye and wondering why we're there or what part of it we'd like to bring to an end. For some, we will bring it to an end and gather more hope tomorrow of where we wish to move on to. If you're in the business of human services, care-giving, therapy or counseling, this could be a very prosperous day, even if it's just taking appointments for next week. And for some, we'll be looking at our health and digging into how we can heal those parts of us that need attention. Perhaps it's an addition to our diet and/or exercise program. This is a good day to visit a health-food store or co-op. If you've never been to one, by all means take a tour and enjoy the sights and smells, which are typically rich in herbs. …

Finances? It's a Crap Shoot!

When it comes to finances today, it's a crap shoot. 7 says, "Don't worry about it" while 8 reminds 7 that you don't put it on hold! 7 believes we should be looking for the greater good of how our businesses serve others, while 8 is sizing up who has the most $$$ and how to get ahead. The message to survive these two opposites is to allow time for both. Grab the organizer and log in time for inner reflection and business. Log in 20 minutes for meditation or a walk around the block to enjoy the scenery. When 5pm comes (or whenever the end of your work day arrives), close the door, literally and figuratively. Study is also a trait of the 7 and if it surrounds encouraging a new or existing business, so much the better! But don't limit yourself as to what the topic should be.

I Feel Like I'm The Only One...

What were you doing 9 days ago? If it was unresolved then, you're having a repeat opportunity to work on it. Yesterday, changes in family dynamics was accentuated, but today they make that move back into working through them with the challenge of feeling secluded. Don't have family? You'll feel it just a bit more than usual but that's not meant to single you out. Realize that the isolating feeling is felt by all. No matter your family status, take this day to delve into a bit of study, whether that is with a book, documentary or surfing the web. And if it centers on nurturing careers, color & design, remodeling, occult studies, spirituality, philosophy, research or detective work - all the better! Those are some of the features of this vibration. All in all, it's a different vibration. But if you respond with a bit of stress, the 7 takes its strength from nature. Get out for short walks - even if it just around the yard. Or, weather permitting, bring nature ins…

The Master Teacher & Builder - Athens!

Are you attracted to this location? In Numerology, Athens vibrates with the number 22 - the master teacher or builder. Sharing of your wisdom, learning from others' wisdom, touching peoples' lives to be the best that they can be.

Lead With Your Heart!

5 - the number of change & movement meets 6 - creativity and family dynamics. What will you choose to change within your family structure (biological or non-biological family). What needs to move on and what needs to be created? Compassion and nurturing are on the plus side of this challenging combination, so lead with your heart when it comes to decision-making today. Are you working with artistry and color? Get bold today - it's time to explore new frontiers! This evening, consider family night. Adventuresome and energetic. Explore. Discover. Above all, have FUN!

Selflessness or Freedom?

Today is a day of selflessness, whereby we look to the good of others - what can we offer? What can we give that would help another individual? The interesting note is that it is also a day of freedom and independence - wanting to do it on our own and wanting others to do the same. The tug-a-pull of all this will provide the questions, which way do you wish to go? Take the higher road and give of your time, advice, wisdom or even a small chore. It's not always about us. What small thing can you provide today and to whom? It doesn't have to be a large task - even the little things can be noticed. Think of those times someone did something for you and pay it forward. Also, it's a day of study so block out some time today or this evening and delve into that favorite topic of yours! Don't have one? Hit a book store or library today and see what jumps out at you.

What's Your Favorite Joke or Story?

Back to work! It's a Monday and what a better combo than a 3/4 which brings about our  need to network what we do for a living. Whether it's your business, or whether you work for a corporation, take this opportunity to speak with your manager, or employees, if you're wanting to accomplish or create something special! Take a few lighthearted stories to the work place today and laugh! Yes - don't fall into the "Monday" routine that sometimes brings a body down. Around the home - make it fun and begin the day with a bit of playfulness as the 3 loves to play. Are you an artist? This is a good day to advertise your product. Search online or the newspaper to discover if you can set up at a faire or organize a showing. Let people know that you are out there!

Let's Work Things Out...

Negotiations and bringing people together will be the highlight of today. When the 2 (mediator) and 3 (communications) join forces, it's a great time to have those conversations (not arguments) over a great cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat. The 2 says, "Let's work things out." Even if it's not a needed conversation, chit-chat with friends is definitely warranted but the 3 says, "Let's make it more playful" so get outside (weather permitting). Go for a walk, or sit on the front porch and listen to the birds sing. Create a picnic or hit a coffee shop. Do something different and get outdoors! If you're into the arts, this is an inspiring day for music and art. Look within and bring out the inspiration you feel. And even though these two numbers are more social, find a few minutes today to communicate with the Divine in your life. The 2's high intuition could deliver the answers you seek.

Go For the Gusto!

This is one of the few days this month where we don't have opposing numbers (tomorrow will be the next). So this weekend - whatever your project is - Go For The Gusto - particularly today! A 1/2 combo - it's go after what you want, but listen to your inner voice. If it's saying YES, proceed. If you're thinking there is more you should investigate first, wait until tomorrow (however, don't use procrastination as the reason to wait). The 1 vibration gives us more energy and drive to head towards our goals. What's yours? If you don't have a goal in life, take time this morning/afternoon to treat yourself to a wonderful surrounding and contemplate something you would like to accomplish. Perhaps it's HUGE! Perhaps it's as simple as reading a particular book. Then...act on it!

Places Hidden Away in the Midwest!

Are you pulled to this region of the world? In Numerology, Lincoln (NE) vibrates with the number 7 - the spiritual seeker, isolation, seclusion, spirituality, researcher, observer, analysis, & mystery.

Does the "Running of the Bulls" Sound Good To You?

Are you pulled to this region of the world? In Numerology, Pamplona vibrates with the number 7 - the spiritual seeker, isolation, seclusion, spirituality, researcher, observer, analysis, & mystery.

Thinking of Leaning Towards Another Career?

The 8 and 9 team up once again - we know what they were discussing last week! ( So now we have another day to review if we're in the area we wish to be in. If you've been offered the opportunity to eliminate some facet of your present job (and you want to do it), this is time to make the decision as you may not be given a second chance. Take another path, trust the gut feelings that you have been having. Thinking of leaning towards another career? You'll really be taking it seriously over the next two days. Begin taking the steps to move towards a new life!

What About Moving To Pearisburg, Virginia?

Is this an area that grabs your attention? Pearisburg (VA) has an 8 vibration which speaks of business/finance. But that's all sides of business and finance. We went to the top, we've gone to the bottom and now we're working ourselves back up again - thus, is the lesson of the 8. 8 brings out health, wealth and beauty.
Are you looking to relocate and want to know what if it's a natural, compatible or challenging vibration to you or your goals? Contact me through one of my services and let's find out!

Wanting to Move to a Master Number City?

Are you attracted to this location? In Numerology, Shreveport vibrates with the number 11 - the master visionary. Uplifting, motivating, encouraging, enlightenment - you'll want people to be the best that they can be. Lessons also come with the number 11, along with honing your own gifts and skills.

Money - It's a Wildcard of a Day!

7 and 8 meet together to figure out who is controlling the purse strings. 8 loves the profit and loss statements and working on the inventory sheets, while 7 is looking out for the good of the people. Shoot! If we get paid, fine, if we don't fine! There was a phrase some years ago that stated, "Do what you love and the money will follow!" This is very much the vibration of the 7/8 combo. Though typically challenges to each other, we can all discover an underlying strength between the two and utilize it to our best advantage. Set aside an hour or two discovering new ways to do business as the 7 loves to investigate and research and trust your gut feelings. Walk about in nature today (weather permitting) or bring nature indoors. Ten to twenty minutes of connecting with nature is medicinal for the body, mind and spirit!

Are You Listening To Me?

Working with family dynamics continues through today, but without the conversations of yesterday. We'll find more isolation and inner work being experienced, which could be misinterpreted by others. It will become important to communicate with those around you that you're not ignoring them. Mark a place on your calendar for quiet interaction to let them know you're still there. Do something simple for each person as a nicety - to bring a smile to their face. Let others outside your family know that you're still thinking of them with a quick message by phone, email, or text. And above all, be gentle with yourself.

Are You Attracted to Glastonbury?

Are you drawn to this location? In Numerology, Burgos vibrates with a 1 - independence, the leader, inventor, innovator, determination, supervisor, manifesting your dreams/goals.

Are You Attracted to Bath, UK?

Are you attracted to this place? Bath (in the UK) vibrates with a 4 vibration - education, teaching, the need for stability & security, home, debate and leaning towards more traditional thought & lifestyle patterns.

Which DVD Movie Shall We Watch This Evening?

Monday and Tuesday of this week will see us looking at changes in family / relationship dynamics starting with the 5/6 combo Monday. Change, movement, and not looking before we leap. For some, there will be a bit more drama than others. My advice? Ride out today and don't get into conversations that are not constructive or beneficial. They serve no purpose. On the other side of the coin, it could be a good day for family travel if you have the free time. Choose a place everyone wants to go and keep it lighthearted! This evening, action-packed DVD movies can offer quite a bit of entertainment. Tell stories, jokes and keep the laughter going. Laughter is great medicine!

Are You Attracted To Omaha?

It isn't all flat farmland! Are you attracted to this location? In Numerology, Omaha vibrates with the number 2 - Love, peace, harmony, mediation, negotiation, emotional, shyness. Perhaps a good place to start a business but not necessarily for financial investments.

Are You Attracted To Rancho Rio?

Are you attracted to this location? In Numerology, Rio Rancho vibrates with the number 11 - the master visionary. Uplifting, motivating, encouraging, enlightenment - you'll want people to be the best that they can be. Lessons also come with the number 11, along with honing your own gifts and skills.

I Want It Fixed NOW!

This has GOT to be fixed today! Not necessarily, but this combination will have us looking at the places we live, jobs & promotions, our sense of stability/security and even home repairs. We'll be wanting change over the next two days and weather permitting, we'll be raring to go. The challenging part will be to look at all sides clearly before we leap. If you feel more details are needed, wait until tomorrow when the 5/6 combination gives you more insight. However, if it's a door knob that needs fixing, do it! That doesn't need more insight. Need to have a serious conversation with someone? Choose your words wisely. This combo could have you saying words you don't mean. We may even get into studying a topic we had only thought about in the past as the 4 loves to delve into all sorts of educational pursuits. So have a bit of fun over morning coffee, Pick out something you've always wanted to know and research it. You never know where it may lead you.

Shall We Have Dinner On The Front Porch Tonight?

Love & enlightenment joins communication providing an opportunity for friends, lovers and companions to make it a day of their own - even if you have to work during daytime  hours. We've had some bugaboo days lately - that's ok. It's Friday, make it a date tonight. Sitting alone? Call a friend on the phone or over Skype and have a virtual dinner this evening. You no longer have to be in the same house to enjoy the company of another. If that's not possible, and weather permitting, take dinner outside under a tree, on the front porch and allow your dinner companions to be the birds of the air, and whatever (or whoever) surrounds you. There's nothing like food to draw some others out of their houses for conversation. In business, network up a storm. It's networking with heart and compassion today; tomorrow, it will become more business-like. All in all, a lovely combination to end the normal work week with. Make it the best you can!

Trust Your Gut Feelings and DO IT!

For the past several days we've been reviewing our lives and what's working (or not working) for us. And today, we're going to want to push those ideas and goals forward! All systems go. That's what you should do - take a step. People are always talking about taking baby steps but that's mainly because they don't want to turn someone off or hurt their feelings. Take a giant leap! Sign up, take a stand, or make a commitment. And in the mix, trust your gut feelings. There's high intuition circulating for the next 2 days. Where do you want to go? Do it!

Not Working For You? Throw It Out or Heal It.

We find ourselves throwing out the old and inviting in the new. Over the past several days, contemplation of what isn't in our best interest has perhaps forced us to take a stand of what we really want, and today we'll either let it go or learn how to integrate it into our lives. As self-healing is also a trait of the 9, perhaps we'll choose to look at it differently or discover a way to change ourselves in order to accept what is. However, accepting what is just so that we don't have to endure change rarely creates a successful outcome. Accept the path you have only if it ultimately helps you attain the life you want. This is not a vibration of self-sacrifice. The 1 says I want to move forward NOW, and some of you will. At least, you'll be making those lists and jotting down ideas on what to do next. Don't worry if you don't accomplish the first steps by this afternoon. Tomorrow, you'll be taking those steps. Make a decision; begin the process. It'…

Do I Really Want This Job?

8 meets 9 today with 8 keeping its nose to the grind stone and 9 nagging at the back of 8's head saying, "Do you really like your job?"

8 responds with "It's a job; it pays the bills."
9 bounces back with, "Yeah, but does it thrill your soul?"
8 ignores him and thinks, "What does my soul have to do with it?"
9 continues, "Do you want to be doing this for the rest of your life?"
8 walks out of the room because he believes in duty rather than choice.
9 chases 8 down the hallway and 8 wishes 9 would get a grip.
We'll all be looking at "what pays the bills" today and asking, do I really want this? Some will leave it behind by the end of the day; others will seriously contemplate beginning the process of change. For others, they'll say, "Yes! This is where I belong!" For those in the area of care-giving, therapy, counseling, self-help writers, philanthropy, medical sciences, alternative medicine - this is…

It's About Money; It's Not About Money; Are You Sure?

It's about money; it's not about money; it's about money; it's not about money - it's another tug-a-pull Monday. We're wanting to work on expanding our businesses, obtaining a new job, starting a new career or getting that promotion. And then on the other hand, we're looking within and not being able to remain focused on business the way we'd hoped. If you're working in the area of spirituality, it will particularly feel confusing. Take the time as it comes and don't try to force a particular mindset. Block out time on your calendar to accomplish tasks and don't beat yourself up if your mind wanders. Place the Divine in the middle of your decisions and allow the Universe to help you. If things get too stressful, take a combined chapter from both the 8 and 7 and walk outside for a few moments. 8 wants the exercise, but 7 wants to bring in nature in order to relax. It doesn't have to be a long time; just walk enough to relax so that you ca…