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1 or 11? Me, Myself & I or You?

 May Day this year brings the combination of the 1 day with an 11 Life Path day. What were you doing this past weekend? You're going to experience a bit of both Saturday and Sunday's vibration together. With these two strong numbers in competition, you're going to want your own way, while in a tug-a-pull to give to others. Grab your organizer and designate time for you and time for others. The 1 will have you chasing goals and dreams and it should! It's time to manifest what you want in your life so take another step today towards achieving them. The 11 says take out time to commune with the Divine about the path you're on and seek answers within. Share your wisdom when asked, give of yourself when appropriate (it's not necessary to give away the store). Give someone a smile who doesn't have one.

Would you like to know what May has in store for you this month? Tune into 1 Woman's Wisdom this afternoon 4pm ET / 1pm PT / 9pm UK - I'll be reading for 1 hour today!