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Bring The Smells of The Health Food Store Home

The last of the challenging combos is coming to an end but not before we see the 8 and 9 dancing their tango again. And if you're in the States, throw a Holiday weekend into the mix. We're looking at what we do for a living today with that scrupulous eye and wondering why we're there or what part of it we'd like to bring to an end. For some, we will bring it to an end and gather more hope tomorrow of where we wish to move on to. If you're in the business of human services, care-giving, therapy or counseling, this could be a very prosperous day, even if it's just taking appointments for next week. And for some, we'll be looking at our health and digging into how we can heal those parts of us that need attention. Perhaps it's an addition to our diet and/or exercise program. This is a good day to visit a health-food store or co-op. If you've never been to one, by all means take a tour and enjoy the sights and smells, which are typically rich in herbs. There's always some interesting tid-bit that you may take home!