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Finances? It's a Crap Shoot!

When it comes to finances today, it's a crap shoot. 7 says, "Don't worry about it" while 8 reminds 7 that you don't put it on hold! 7 believes we should be looking for the greater good of how our businesses serve others, while 8 is sizing up who has the most $$$ and how to get ahead. The message to survive these two opposites is to allow time for both. Grab the organizer and log in time for inner reflection and business. Log in 20 minutes for meditation or a walk around the block to enjoy the scenery. When 5pm comes (or whenever the end of your work day arrives), close the door, literally and figuratively. Study is also a trait of the 7 and if it surrounds encouraging a new or existing business, so much the better! But don't limit yourself as to what the topic should be.